Unexpected Wedding Trends 2016 

Unexpected Wedding Trends 2016

Every wedding follows the same traditions and customs which have been handed down to us over the years. Following the same rules for the weddings, can make all wedding ceremonies look the same and boring. However, there have been quite a few weddings in the 2016 where the bride and the groom have broken the set rules, and done some unique stuff at their wedding, thus setting new and unexpected wedding trends. 

From choosing a different wedding venue to opting for unique wedding dress styles, these couples have done something new and exciting for their weddings, some of these unexpected twists that we saw during the past year and which we hope will become a trend in 2016 are as follows:

Enter In Style

When approaching the aisle for saying their vows, the bride and the groom are expected to act in a very controlled and decent manner. But the brides and the grooms of today believe in enjoying each and every moment of their wedding, and this walk down the aisle is the most special part of their wedding and therefore, they are now celebrating it by approaching the aisle through a dance. The first couple dance that was supposed to be reserved till after the completion of the vows and during the reception ceremony is now being performed either immediately before the vows or immediately after the vows. 

Older Flower Girls

There is no need to interrupt the games of the little girls by making them the flower girls. It is time that you wake you those grandmas of yours, sitting amongst the wedding guests and dozing off during the wedding ceremony and make them your flower girls instead. 



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