Unhappy Marriage Should You Move On 

Unhappy Marriage Should You Move On

Marriage relations are always happy is not true, there are many reasons that make the married couple feel a heck of burden in the married relationship, who can neither think to diverse nor are happy to stay in the relationship. Divorce is not easy but the fact is every relation especially marriage needs scarifies and compromises as the lubricant to make thing working smoothly. No one in this earth can be happy with such complications, so you must think devoting time to save marriage from divorce or fix unhappy marriage. Be clear with yourself and ask your heart, should I stay in unhappy marriage or not.

What are the reasons to fix unhappy marriage?

  • Your family tree and children: When the new guest, your children, are welcomed in the family, you almost tend to mess up with you old schedule because they become the most important aspect of your life and serve a different purpose to make the bond between you and your spouse even stronger. Hence the couples are compiled to stay in the unhappy relationship even its worthless working in order for their future. Moreover it’s a fact that children follow what they see, hence when they see their parents divorced they also tend to develop a tendency or attitude of same and may ruin up their future in chain. Hence it is an advice to think about your children and family before going for divorce.

  • Every problem has a solution to it: The problems in your relationship can be fixed and resolved if you seek for it. So its advice to seek a counselor and accept to sacrifice and compromise. After a deep thinking decide whether should I stay in unhappy marriage or should I leave my unhappy marriage. Life is full of ups and downs, so divorce is not a solution.

  • Financial security: You may think that separating in a relationship is easy but it is not so, marriage finance has its own unique value in life and which will be the most effective reason to fix unhappy marriage. This may apply on both the couples, women and husband live and earn together in order for an effective earning, although money cannot buy happiness and love but making you livening alone can also prove to be too tough. 

  • Social image: Divorce is quite easy thing to escape, but our society does not allow respect to such a breakup. Once you are married you are not recognized by your fore fathers and family but you tend to make up your own unique identity whose weight age mostly depends upon your relationship and family. Hence people may start ignoring you and you may call a divorcee or an escapist. Hence their advices to be calm and then decide whether should I stay in unhappy marriage or should I leave my unhappy marriage. 

  • The lonely life: You should save marriage from divorce because once you tend to live with your spouse, then it becomes difficult for you adjust alone all your own, so it’s better to stay in unhappy marriage rather than living alone in depression.       


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