Unique Bridesmaid Trend of Stylish Jewelry 

Unique Bridesmaid Trend of Stylish Jewelry

The look of the bridesmaids at any wedding is the responsibility and choice of the bride. It is for this reason that at different weddings you would find the bridesmaid in very different styles. The dressing style of the bridesmaid basically reflects the personality of the bride and therefore, the brides tend to spend a lot of time and energy in deciding the dresses and jewelry of the bridesmaid. These days, the brides are opting for some really unique jewelry for the bridesmaids, which they feel are a reflection of their own stylish personalities. 

Based On Bridesmaid Personality

While most of the brides select the bridesmaid jewelry as per their own personal tastes, there are a few brides who prefer to select the jewelry keeping in mind the personality of the bridesmaid, as in the end it is her who has to wear the jewelry and the dress. Therefore, instead of picking something up simply because it is trendy, these brides prefer to consider what would look good on the bridesmaid and accordingly make the jewelry selection. Thus, these brides might pick up a big hoop as an earring for the bridesmaid, if they are sure that it would look on them and at the same time they would even be open to the idea of very tiny earrings, if the same is the style of the bridesmaid. For these brides, the personality, size and style of the bridesmaid is the key to the selection of the jewelry for them. 

Select Colors That Match The Dress

As far as the color of the jewelry is concerned, it is always better to match the same with the bridesmaid dress. There was a trend where the jewelry gifted to bridesmaid was of neutral or pastel colors that went with almost all dresses, but did nothing to enhance the look of the dress. But these days, the brides prefer to buy jewelry for the bridesmaids, that is of a color which would not only compliment the dress, but would manage to stand out on its own as well and yet not look like a mismatch to the dress and the personality of the bridesmaid. 

Mix Jewelry Designs For Different Bridesmaid

Unlike the olden times, when all the bridesmaid were made to dress up in exactly the same manner, these days, the brides are experimenting with this fashion trend as well. The brides are opting to give all the bridesmaids the same dress and necklaces, but may give each bridesmaid a different earring. This trend has, however, less to do with fashion and more to do with emotions. The brides feel that by giving each bride a personalized jewelry gift item, they are able to personally thank each and every bridesmaid for her help and contribution in making the wedding a big success. 

The new brides are truly experimenting with the looks of the bridesmaid and making them look far more stylish than they have ever managed to look. No matter what jewelry the brides select, it is important that the bride and her bridesmaid have fun during the wedding. 


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