Unique Ideas For The Wedding Guest Book 

Unique Ideas For The Wedding Guest Book

Guest books are a way of logging the memories of the most special day in the life of the bride and the groom and cherishing the wishes of the guests for the rest of their life. Traditionally, the wedding guests would write their wishes and add photos to the wedding guest books, but things have changed now, and there are many new and creative ways for making these wedding guest books. 

Some of the unique guest book ideas which are being used these days in weddings are as follows:

Thumbprint Tree

This is the latest trend in the world of wedding guest books. You are supposed to draw a tree, with just the branches on a huge paper, and then the guests put their thumbprints as leaves and sign their names next to their thumbprint. After the wedding, this unique piece of art can be framed by you and placed on a wall as a memory of your special day. Just remember that the ink that you ask your guests to use for making the thumb impressions should be easily washable. 

Stamped Guest Book Tree

Another slightly different version of the above idea is to provide your guests with little stamps in the shape of leaves, on which the guests write their names and then paste these leaves on your tree. The best part of this idea is that it is less messy, both for the guests as well as the tree painting. 

Signature Only Trees

If you are not sure that your guests would be able to place their thumb prints in the right place or stick the stamps right and are therefore worried that your tree might get a messy look, you can put up a completed tree with all its branches and leaves in place and the guest would only be required to put their signatures on these leaves. 

Anniversary Wine

You can buy wine bottles which have been labelled for the celebration of your first, fifth, tenth and many other special anniversaries. The guest can sign these anniversary bottles for you, and can even write some witty or heart-warming messages for you on these bottles.

Custom Card Box

A creatively decorated cardboard box, which should be designed in accordance with the theme of the wedding can be placed at the wedding venue and the guests can be asked to write their name, address, contact number and a message for the couple on a piece of paper and place the same in this cardboard box. This box helps you in updating your directory with all the latest contact details of your guests, thus making the task of sending thank you notes a lot easier. 

Fill In The Blanks

Remember the fun we had in school when completing the task of fill in the blanks. You can add that childhood fun to your wedding, by providing sheets to your guests with fill in the blanks about the wedding. After the wedding, these sheets can be placed in a scrapbook and save the same for the rest of your life as a memory of your wedding day.


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