Unique Ways Bride Can Add Something Blue To Her Wedding 

Unique Ways Bride Can Add Something Blue To Her Wedding

Tradition demands that the bride needs to wear something old, something borrowed, something new and something blue on her wedding day. Incorporating all these elements in the wedding dress can be a tricky affair for the bride. However, the modern brides have managed to come up with some unique and creative ways through which they are now incorporating their something blue in ways which no one had ever thought before. 

Some of these unique ways, in which the something blue is being made a part of the wedding ceremony by the brides, have been discussed below:

Blue Bridal Gown

The easiest and the simplest way to incorporate blue into your wedding are by opting for a wedding gown that is a shade of blue. Generally, the wedding gowns worn by the brides are pure white in colour, but these days, the brides are experimenting with their wedding dresses and choosing dresses which are trendy in not just their style but also vibrant in colours as well. Therefore, a bride can now easily choose a dress which is in some shade of blue, and thus find her something blue in her dress itself. 

Nail Polish

You do not go for your wedding without making sure that your hands are well manicured and your nails are painted in the best of colour. So, when choosing the colour of the nail polish, you can simply opt for a pale turquoise shade and let your fingers be the source through which good will flow into your wedding and life. 

Monogram Your Dress In Blue

For most of the brides, their wedding dress holds a lot of sentimental value and these brides save and cherish their wedding dress till the very end of their lives. A simple, yet a great way, through which you can add even more sentimental value to this wedding dress and at the same time also add your something blue to the dress is by monogramming the dress with the date of the wedding on the inside using a blue thread. Since the monogram would be on the inside of the dress, therefore, it would not be visible to anyone else, thus saving the look and elegance of your dress, and since it would be carved with blue thread, you would be wearing your something blue for the wedding.

Blue Lingerie

Well, if you want to protect your luck from the eyes of everyone else, you need to wear to deep inside where no one would be able to see it, well, except maybe your husband, but then again you don’t mind sharing this good luck with him.  Thus, you can opt for wearing lingerie which is blue in colour under your wedding dress and make it your something blue for the wedding.

Wedding Shoes

Another very simple way of adding blue to your wedding is by opting to wear bridal shoes which are blue in colour. Even if you are wearing pure white dress, these blue shoes would definitely match your dress and help you look pretty and bring luck at the same time.


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