Unique Wedding Album ideas that You Should Share with Your Photographer 

Unique Wedding Album ideas that You Should Share with Your Photographer

Every wedding accompanies the funny as well as emotional activities with relatives and the friends. The magic of rituals, colors and the people around creates harbingers of joy. The memories of the special day bring a charm in everyone’s heart. The albums and the video coverage of the wedding are the best way to preserve the memories.

Every photographer has their unique way of clicking and preparing the wedding albums. As it is your wedding album, your keepsake, which you are gonna cherish for the life time period, choose the album style and the way it is prepared by yourself out of numerous available designs.

Below check out some unique ideas we think will capture your interest.

1. Photo album, designed in magazine style- 

The wedding album can be customized by incorporating glossy pages and magazine layouts to provide it fashion mag inspired appearance. Further, more of the drama can be created by mimicking the styles of the television celebrities couples and even add a red carpet backdrop to add a little glitz and glam to your photographs. A graphic designer can be hired to collaborate with your photographer.

2. Wedding album styled in black and white-

This black and white colour combination has always been quintessentially classic combination. The black and white colors are strong evidence of vintage/ retro appearance with a nostalgic feel. The addition of black and white touches to the monochromatic colour palette works better as well. A complete achromatic appearance is more recommended. Simple yet classy.

3. Wedding album styled like a scrapbook- 

Addition of quirky personal touches to your wedding album make your album more interesting. Actually the personalized scrapbook albums are not only super cute, but also the super fun to get done. In addition, it can be done by you and saves all the extra cost. The post wedding scenario can be made more interesting when you and your better half, try personalizing it with the super fun and the nostalgic feelings.

4. Wedding Photo album- pocket sized- 

The best idea to reminisce your big day is to have full blown photos along with small pocket sized albums. Try this economical, portable and economical size of the albums. These albums fit anywhere. You would definitely love to carry them along with you when you go quite far from the home. Multiple copies can be generated eve n to hand over your loved ones.

5. Wedding photo album- pop-up styled-

These are certainly unique and are entirely different from the other kind of the albums. Their quirky way of adding stories and the snaps bring a great charm and lighten the mood somewhere down the line. These are Easy and could serve as interesting projects.

6. Polaroid style- 

Another useful idea to consider is the Polaroid album. As is self-explanatory, it consists of only Polaroid photos covering each page. You could also use various layouts that could give an edge to your wedding coffee table book. In addition to this, feature a few inspirational messages from loved ones to add a personal touch.


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