Unusual Pre Wedding Activities for the Brides 

Unusual Pre Wedding Activities for the Brides

Every bride expects an amazing bridal shower from her friends and family. Throwing this bridal shower for the bride is a traditional activity and it can therefore, become quite repetitive and boring. However, if you want your best friend or your favourite sister, who is about to get married, to have the most awesome time at her bridal shower, then you need to add some spice to this pre wedding ceremony. 

There some really simple yet unusual ways, through which you can make this traditional wedding ceremony into an immensely fun and unique affair for the bride to be.

Specially Shaped Sweets 
There can be no party without sweets; however, instead of serving the same old, tried and tested sweets, you can get specially designed sweets. The sweets can be ordered in special shapes like if the bride is a lot into cosmetics, you can get the sweets to be shaped like lipsticks and other cosmetic products. Similarly, you can get the sweets to be designed in any other shape which can represent the unique taste and liking of the bride. You can even get these sweets to be shaped into some naughty forms, just to add a little spice and fun to the ceremony. 

Countdown Board

Not many people are a big fan of this idea, but a nicely decorated countdown board always makes for a good decoration at these modern bridal showers and the best thing about them is that even after the party, these boards are one thing which the bride will take a look at every day, and enjoy the thrill of each passing day as the wedding day comes closer. 

Hire A Fancy Bartender

The bridal shower, quite like the bachelorette party for the groom, means that it is the moment when the bride does not need to act perfect, but can let her hair down and have fun. Therefore, she needs to be served with some really cool and exotic drinks, which only a great bartender would be able to make. Hence, make sure to hire a really good bartender for the party, who will be able to help in keeping the party mood right for the bride and other guests as well. 

Special Photo Booths
The bride would love to keep the memories of this party with her for a long time. All the fun that happens at this party is one of the best parts of the entire wedding ceremony. so you can get special booths set up where the bride along with the rest of the guests can make special poses and get themselves clicked. 

Fun Games

No bridal shower is complete without some fun games relating to marriages. There are many classic bridal shower games, which are designed around the bride and the groom, you can either pick some of these games and give them a new and modern twist, or if you are really creative, you can even come up with new games, just make sure that the games are all about the bride and her wedding. 


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