Use Minimal Flower Arrangements at Your Wedding 

Use Minimal Flower Arrangements at Your Wedding

There is no doubt about the fact that flowers do help in added colour, fragrance and beauty to the wedding venue. But this beauty comes at a very heavy cost. In many cases, the cost of the flower arrangements is almost equal to the all the rest of the arrangements made at the wedding ceremony. Spending so much on these flowers, which are anyways going to get spoiled and thrown away after one use, does not seem like a very smart idea. Therefore, it is important that you opt for minimal flower arrangements during your wedding and use them smartly so that you able to add beauty to the wedding decorations, without actually spending too much money on these flowers. 

Some of the tips which can help you in making minimum use of the flowers at the wedding are as follows:

Move Flowers Between Functions

No two functions in a wedding happen simultaneously. There is always a little time lag between any two functions. In most of the weddings, the venues for the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception are different and therefore, you end up buying double flower arrangements for the decoration of both these venues. A better option here would be for you to use the same flower arrangements in both the venue. Once the wedding ceremony gets over and before the wedding reception starts, you can get the flower arrangements to be moved over from the wedding hall to the reception hall. This way, you will not only save money on the flowers, but the flowers will get used twice and therefore, next day when you throw them away, you will find them less wasted and fully used. 

No Flower Centrepieces

You do not have to use flowers as centrepieces for the tables that have been laid out for the wedding guests during the wedding ceremony. Instead, there are many beautiful and elegant crystal and glass candle stands which are available in the markets these days. You can opt for one of these showpieces, which can be rented for the wedding day and then returned the very next day, thus saving you a lot of money and also reducing the use of flower arrangements at your wedding drastically, yet ensuring that the wedding venue looks extremely appealing.
Keep It Simple

In trying to come up with some new and designer decorations for the wedding venue, people generally end up using too many flowers and big flower arrangements during the wedding ceremony. These huge flower arrangements, besides costing a huge fortune, also end up looking tacky and over the top. It is important that your wedding venue should look elegant and graceful, and for this, you need to use simple floral arrangements, which consist of minimum flowers and maybe use more of greens. 

The use of flowers at the weddings is almost a traditional and therefore, it may be unreasonable to expect to do away with these flowers completely, but surely their use can be restricted to the minimum possible levels. 


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