Utilize Umbrella to Decorate Wedding Functions in the Funniest Ways 

Utilize Umbrella to Decorate Wedding Functions in the Funniest Ways

An umbrella, as pertains its use for protection against the rain, so that the make-up and over all look is not messed up. The use of umbrella is highly welcomed in the summer weddings. The effect of the umbrella decoration seems as refreshing as floral canopies takes away the heart and provides relief station. Let’s analyze the together a few cool ways to utilize umbrella at weddings and do you wanna be under our super cool umber- ella-ella-ella. 

Utilize them as cool Mandap décor-

Gone are the days of decorating the mandap with the marigolds only. It has developed and plummeted to use floral strings to minimal draping and now a Parisian touch with lace parasols. You can always add your favorite flowers to the parasol to maintain that refreshing look.

Use them as chandeliers- 

The umbrellas can be inverted and then the empty space is filled with flowers as well as diamantes for a glam vibe. This substitutes actually the floral chandeliers. Just imagine the inverted umbrellas, enriched with flowers.

For intimate shoot by the couple-

the umbrellas when utilized to have the pictures look more gorgeous with the paper hearts and the cute pompoms. Just imagine, you both are in a romantic mood to have the memorable photograph, then the hanging heart umbrella is utilized to have the pics. Relay awesome..!!!

As an Installation

An interesting installation always catches the eye so using umbrellas is a cheap and a fun way to do it.

As a fabulous centre piece of wedding-

As it depicts, that the umbrellas if are smaller can, make greater centerpieces. The bigger one is not much elegant if utilized as the centre piece. Little umbrellas make for great centrepieces – the bigger the better!

As a photo booth prop

What’s going to make your photo booth better this summer? An umbrella as a prop guys. Get the cuter colours in tandem with your color scheme.

As a chaddar of phoolon ki- 

the flowers are always utilized for this purpose of using them as a flower blanquet.  The floral umbrella is more than amazing one!!!! Deck it up and make it work!

Hanging drop down-

The upside down umbrellas, in addition with the diamantes, pearls and other sweet glams can be utilized as fabulous decorating ideas.


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