Valuable Tips for Finding Your First Dance Song 

Valuable Tips for Finding Your First Dance Song

Your first dance song is something that you and your beauty queen will cherish for a lifetime and hence just any song can’t serve as your first dance song. Deciding a song for your first dance seems like pretty easy and effortless, until you finally come across a plethora of options available and the confusion starts building up. Here are some valuable tips on how to choose your first dance song.

Find a shared interest in music

No wonder how understanding a couple is, many times they’re faced with situations where there view points and tastes vary hugely. Same might happen at the time of choosing your first dance song. The only solution then is that you both narrow down your list of songs and find a common point, a common song or genre that you both like. Remember, compromise is what makes a relationship sustain and come out successfully over the tests of time. This is also the right time to surprise your lover by playing his or her favourite song that might not be on your hit list. 

A song that celebrates your relationship

Many times couples have a song that is unofficially theirs and hence the choice becomes pretty obvious and easy. But if this is not your case, then find a song that speaks about your relationship. Start by thinking how you two met, became friends, got attracted to each other and finally confessed your love. Every song has a unique story to tell and surely there’ll be umpteen numbers of songs that depict your story. Choose a song that will help you relate better. Remember that your guests and family will be able to feel the love you share only if you and your fiancé have a strong connection. 

A passionate song

Love is all passionate, crazy and the one that sets your heart on fire. Nothing less than a passionate song can celebrate the passion and bonding two people hopelessly in love share with each other. Select a song for your first dance that would do total justice to your wedding music list. A song that you two can easily tap your feet on will be a perfect idea. 

A song that celebrates your culture

Opt for a song that honours your family, tradition and culture. It makes total sense in choosing a first dance song that belongs to your nation and culture as most of the guests at your wedding would be of that nationality. For instance, if you’re holding a traditional Indian marriage, nothing other than Indian wedding music can do justice to your wedding. You can also opt for a wedding guitarist to play on your big day. 

Type of dance

While some couples fancy slow romantic dances, others fancy a dance that is as fiery and happening as their love. Decide with your fiancé what kind of a dance he or she prefers and then accordingly choosing a song whose tempo matches your dance style. A slow dance on a fast and peppy love song can turn your first dance into a total nightmare.


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