Valuable Tips of How to Preserve the Fashion Jewelry / Bridal Fashion Jewelry 

Costume jewelry is the fashion jewelry which may be called as fake or junk jewelry. The real jewelry is otherwise extremely costly to be weared on regular basis.  The brides now- a- days are more lured towards the costume jewelry. They are much fond of it due to its trendy nature and are more affordable.  The brides, usually after the marriage change them according to their daily look. The basic outfit gets a classic look with the help of following jewelry like as- bib necklace, cuff bracelet, chandelier earrings, cocktail rings.  The only negative aspect of costume jewelry is that it doesn’t last long. Moreover, it tarnishes and loses its colour and shines and breaks easily. Many times, the ugly traces are seen on the skin. 

The trendy costume jewelry still finds its valuable place in the bridal kit. We can keep it look best while they are on the trend. Here is a perfect guide to let you know about the preservation of the costume jewelry

1. Keep the costume jewelry dry and clean- 

As much as possible, keep your fashion jewelry clean and dry. Whether its necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings, keep them strictly away from the creams, chemicals and lotions of any kind, which accelerates the tarnishing process which is undeniable. The silver or the gold plantings would disappear and the metals like as bronze, brass and copper would oxidize, causing the change in colour.

A valuable suggestion is therefore to remove the jewelry before applying any kind of cream or even perfume. 

2. Occasionally change and wear the alternative costume jewelry- 

Its mandatory to change the costume jewelry, as it requires break from time to time. The regular use of it may accelerate discoloration and it is actually not meant to wear for daily basis. The life of jewelry can be enhanced by varying the designs and changing them frequently. Moreover, they are more affordable, so the alternative designs or styles of jewelry can be purchased to change them frequently. 

3. while you have no use of it, remove your costume jewelry- 

At the end of the day, its mandatory to remove the fashion jewelry. The day when there is no need to wear it, strictly avoid it wearing or go without it... The time of your exercise, swimming and during sleeping, always remove it to let it not damage or break down. The acidic sweat of the skin tends to react with the metals of the fashion jewelry, thus making it lose its natural colour and causing it becoming greenish sometimes. 

4.  Clean your fashion jewelry after wearing it- 

Another most important tip to have your fashion jewelry look at its best is to clean it every time you wear it. The accidental spilling of detergents or other acidic substances may cause its discoloration. Never leave your fashion jewelry uncleaned especially when it is weared. It may seem little laborious to you, but cleaning with a soft cloth can render it gain its shine and increase it validity. Strictly avoid the cleaners containing acids, alcohol, vinegar or ammonia and other similar kind of the substances to prevent the damage of the fashion jewelry. The storage of it must be accompanied by the prior cleaning and wiping with the soft cloth. 

5.  Take due consideration of the place before storing the costume jewelry- 

The best way to store the costume jewelry is in the cotton pouches which preserve the jewelry and prevents the discoloration, tarnishing, chipping and knots in the chains. The necklaces must be hanged vertically on the hooks and the pieces should not come in contact with one another. 


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