Valuable Winter Wedding Skincare Tips 

Valuable Winter Wedding Skincare Tips

There is no substitute to look best on the day of your marriage. One of the most important things you have to keep in mind in advance is about your skin. However if your wedding is planned during winter season, you have to take a little extra care. Here are a few tips that would help in making you perfect for the big day.

Plan Early

You need to start the skincare routine in advance; it may be more than six months or more. Even if your marriage dates are not finalised, but if you wish to have your marriage solemnised during winter, then you need to plan ahead and early. 

Fix Schedules with Skin Care Specialists

Even if you find your skin normal, there is no harm in visiting a skin care specialist and take his advice to make your skin perfect for the big day. You may fix monthly visits of an experienced aesthetician and get your skin massaged do some treatments to stimulate blood circulation for making your skin looking shining. Also book the appointments and meet your favourite makeup artist to get specific tips for your skin grooming.

Increase Your Water Intake 

Irrespective of type of your skin, it is highly suggested that you increase the water intake in your body. It increases the skin lustre. Apart from taking normal water, you may eat fruits like watermelon, grapes, broccoli etc. 

Soften Your Elbows

The skin of elbow is slightly darker for all men and women. You need to take a little care and make this part a little softer. Though bath is part of your daily routine, but on weekly basis add a little bath salt in form of sodium bicarbonate. It has the ability to break down dry patches of skin and make it better. 

Use Lip-Guard and Specific Skin Moisturizer

During winter season, the lips are badly affected. It can be prevented with proper use of a lip guard or lip balm. Also you are advised to use specific moisturiser for your skin. For your oily skin too hydration is must. When you buy a moisturiser, don


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