Variety of Reasons Why Every Girl Should Focus On Her Marriage and Not On a Big Fat Wedding Celebration 

Variety of Reasons Why Every Girl Should Focus On Her Marriage and Not On a Big Fat Wedding Celebration

No matter which religion you follow in India, or which city you reside, in, whether you belong to the rich community or are able to barely make your ends meet, there is one thing that is common amongst every Indian household, and that is having lavish wedding celebrations. There is no concept of having a wedding ceremony in a low key manner in India. Every wedding has to be a grand affair. However, for the girl who is about to become the bride, it is important that she understands that for her it is the marriage that is important and not the wedding celebrations. 

Marriage Is Personal while weddings Are for Others

Marriage is about bringing two people and their families together. This can be done in a quiet and simple manner, but in a wedding there are many other people who get involved in the process and this makes the entire wedding celebrations quite a tiring and exhausting affair for both the families of the bride and the groom. Amongst all this noise, the girl needs to remember, that her future, and her life is dependent on her union with the boy and not on how the wedding celebration went. The preparations for the weddings are done keeping in mind the needs and expectations of the society and not of the bride and the groom. 

Concentrate On the Bigger Picture

Many brides spend a lot of time with their soon to be husbands, but they only discuss things relating to the wedding, like what should the theme of the pre wedding party should be, what clothes should they both wear, etc. Instead of wasting time on all these discussions, it would be much better if the girl tries to figure out whether the boy will prove to be a good and compassionate husband or not. Once the wedding festivities are over, as a wife, it is thing question which will haunt her entire life and not whether she wore the perfect dress on her wedding day or not. 

Do Not Compare: It Will Only Reduce the Importance Of The Day For You

There is no point in making comparisons with other weddings of your friends and cousins and feeling sad that you are not spending an equal amount on your wedding. It is better to spend a reasonable amount on your wedding, which both you and your partner can afford, rather than go overboard and then face the consequences of the same in your married life, where you would then be forced to make monetary sacrifices in your everyday important aspects like house, holidays, basic necessities, etc. 

Worry Only about Your Own and Your Partner


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