Various Good and Bad Surprises for Your First Year of Marriage 

Various Good and Bad Surprises for Your First Year of Marriage

The first year of marriage comes with a box full of surprises; some are good some are bad. As the year progresses you tend to discover more about your life partner. if you have been living with your partner for a couple of years before marriage, you might tend to be less surprised but the people who have been living single have to make lots of adjustments during the first year of their marriage. 

Good Things Experienced in the First Year of Marriage

Marriage is supposed to be the best institution as it strengthens the love between two people and bring two families together and closer. Merging two different lives is not an easy task. The very fact that you get to spend most of your time with your loved one is very exciting for the initial months. You get a travel partner and a soul mate to discuss your dreams and fantasies with. You get help in finances as the source of income doubles. If you are lucky to get an understanding partner, you find your true friend in him or her. There is someone to look after you when you are unwell. There is someone to share the household chores with. There is someone to discuss and share your problems with and you can always look up to your partner for words of advice without a fragment of doubt in your mind.

There is someone you can share your dreams with and define life goals more clearly. You attend several parties together in the first year of marriage as the family and friends invite you to celebrate your wedding.

Some of the Bad Surprises in the First Year of Marriage

Wedding is supposed to be the celebration of love but wedding just lasts for few hours! It is your marriage that you live with for the rest of your life. The first year of marriage brings in several surprises for both the partners which they didn


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