Various Incredible Reasons Why You Should have Sex Everyday 

Various Incredible Reasons Why You Should have Sex Everyday

Sex is not just the most perfect solution for a happy married life, but having regular sex has many other health benefits attached to it as well. Below, we have discussed some of the top reasons which justify having this intimate relationship with your partner on a regular basis. 

Reduce Stress Levels

There are many hormones which get secreted during sex. These hormones help in reducing the stress levels in the body. Therefore, if you have had a long and tiring day at work, try having sex with your spouse and you would immediately start to feel rejuvenated. 

Form of Exercise

All of us desire to exercise on a regular basis, but are either too lazy or just do not have the time to exercise. Regular sex, not only adds love and spark to your married life, but it is also a very good form of exercise. Research has shown that people, who have sex three times a week, are able to burn up to 7400 calories in a year. 

Increase Your Immunity

The level of happiness in a relationship automatically goes up when both the partners are healthy. Bad health of even one partner can make life dull and sad for both the partners. Therefore, in order to stay healthy, it is important that you have a string immunity system. It has been proven that people who have sex two times in a week, have more antibodies present in their body, than people who do not have sex on a regular basis, these antibodies help in building the immunity system of the body. Many antigens are also produced during sex, which help in fighting common health issues like cold, etc. 

Control Your Blood Pressure Levels

Research has shown that sex plays a very significant role in reducing diastolic blood pressure. Once this blood pressure level is controlled, it helps in making us healthier all round. 

Have A Healthy Heart

We have already mentioned that sex is a very good form of exercise. When we start to exercise regularly, automatically we are able to keep our weight in check and when our body burns calories on a regular basis, or heart condition improves significantly. 

Pain Relief

If you are suffering from constant pains from migraine, arthritis, etc. having regular sex can do the magic of a pain relief medicine and reduce the incidence of these pains greatly. 

Regular Periods

One of the biggest reasons responsible for irregular periods is stress. Sex helps in reducing the stress levels in our bodies and therefore indirectly helps in making our cycle of periods more regular. 

Increase Power in Your Pelvic Muscles

Sex not only helps in burning calories, but it is an all-round form of exercise and through it the strength of core, pelvic muscles, back and quads, can be increased. Your overall flexibility in the body increases greatly due to having sex on a regular basis. 

Fight Cancer

Regular sex helps in reducing the chances of cancer. This is especially true in the case of men. 


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