Various Inspection Questions to Initiate Conversation before Marriage 

Various Inspection Questions to Initiate Conversation before Marriage

You can’t change the person with whom you are married. So, the better thing is to be married with the right person in life. You may find someone better loving and caring but he/she may be lacking in some qualities that you desire must. You may not be happy with that person for the whole life. 

To remain happy in married life, you need to look the qualities in your future spouse which you desire must. It is possible when you know the important questions to ask before marriage from your spouse. Take out time and prepare a list of such questions and discuss with would-be-spouse. Though the list in not exhaustive, you may use the following questions. 

Likes and Dislikes

These are the base of every relation and must to be same for a marriage relationship. So, during initial conversation before marriage, just try to know likes and dislikes of each other and see whether there is a match. To start with you may initially make a rapport by asking the questions related to entertainment, movies, eating outs, vacations, favourite TV serials, sports interest, any particular interest etc. In due course of discussion keep on making a mental note of responses and you may analyse later on. 

Enquiry about the Lifestyle

The questions to ask before marriage regarding lifestyle may be the type of residence, neighbourhood, making money decisions, spiritual life, daily personal devotional practices, meditation, prayer, family traditions etc. You will find many important information about the person to whom you are planning to get married. 

Parenting and Child Rearing 

You may ask about parents and views about the parenting. Whether the person wants to have his/her own children or believe in adoption? How many children should be in life and at what intervals, the kind of affection shown to them and the best method to discipline them? What type of schooling should be provided to the children etc? 

Husband-wife Relationship

The best ways to express physical affection shown, the views about nudity and sexual issues, how to react when find alone with someone of the opposite sex etc. can be asked in a humorous mood and care must be exercised not to hurt the feelings of the person. However these pre marriage questions provide a lot of input to finalise your decisions correctly. 

Domestic Issues

The domestic issues related to cooking, washing clothes and dishes, upkeep of motor vehicles, shopping for food and other items, looking after garden and house in general are the views that need to be known to each other. Last but not the least is the dealing with conflict that you need to know about the partner. The maturity in solving the problems, having doubtless communication and clarifying confusions, things and situations that put the person in anger and anxiety and how he/she handles the odd situations etc. are the questions that will reveal the complete personality of the person. Only thing you keep in mind to be very diplomatic and honest while asking the questions.  


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