Various Reasons Why Every married Girl Should Have Sex Every Day with her husband 

Various Reasons Why Every married Girl Should Have Sex Every Day with her husband

If you are someone who has very recently started dating, then it may come as a shock to you, but it is true, that there does come a time in every serious long term relationship, where the wife does not want to have sex with her husband on a regular basis. In fact, as the marriage grows older and the children take up most of the time of the couple, there are phases when months go by and there are no intimate moments between the couple and both of them are absolutely fine with that. 

The above truth is not a very healthy truth. Having sex every day is extremely important for both emotional as well as physical reasons. Below are some reasons which every woman must remember before she takes her marriage for granted and avoids getting close to her husband. 

You Forget To Meet Your Feminine Side

As years pass by and you get busy changing those diapers of your kids, you start to see yourself only as a mother and someone who needs to keep the house running in order. But you are so much more than this. You are a beautiful woman, who has many dreams and desires for her own self. The only way you can remember these lost desires of yours is when someone makes you feel special. When you have sex with your husband, you suddenly start to feel alive and young again. This feeling of being young again will bring back all your dreams and desires which you had as a young woman. Therefore, in order to stay in touch with your own personal desires, you need to have sex on a regular basis. 

Make Your Husband Feel Loved

After years of marriage, there is an unsaid understanding that develops between couples where they do not have to declare their love for each other. Yet, no matter how much time passes by, it is always a good feeling to be told that you are loved and cherished. In the case of men, they may never say it, but they also want to be told that they are loved and wanted. Intimacy in bed is one of the best ways of letting your husband know how much you love him and how much he means to you. 

Personal Time

When you have stayed with a person for many years and know everything about him and he knows everything about you, there is hardly anything left to talk about. But for a happy relationship, it is important that both the partners spend a little quality time together with each other every day, irrespective of whether they have anything to share with each other or not. Sex provides the perfect excuse for spending this quality and quiet time in each other


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