Various Sexiest Indian Wedding Customs That Need To Be Banned 

Various Sexiest Indian Wedding Customs That Need To Be Banned

Indian wedding is a celebration of love, of unison, where two couples tie the nuptial knots of love and take vows to be with each other throughout their lives. Indian weddings are beautiful and comprise of ancient rituals and customs. While some of these traditions and customs are wonderful, some of them are sexist and orthodox. Some of these crazy Indian wedding traditions are so sexist and without any meaning that they must be done away with. Few of these sexist traditions are mentioned here which appear to be so outdated and sexist that they must be given up by modern Indian families now.

The Ritual of Kanyadaan

As the name suggests, “Kanyadaan” refers to that age-old custom of Indian wedding which implies giving up of virginity. In this custom the parents of the bride are supposed to handover the charge of their daughters to her life partner, i.e., the groom, relieving themselves of their sins. This implies that women were considered as some property whose transferring rights are with their parents. It is very wrong to suggest that after marriage the daughter must break all her bonds with her parents and surrender herself completely to her partner. 

Another drawback of this Indian feminist custom is that it can be performed by only the father of the bride. In case the father is not present, only other male family member is given this right. The mother of the bride is not taken into picture anywhere implying that she does not have any right on her daughter.

The Ritual of Kashiyatra

It is a popular tradition of weddings in Southern part of India where on the day of wedding the groom decides to give up the worldly pleasures to pursue his religious studies further. He takes an umbrella and carries a cloth containing only rice and pulses when the father of the bride stops him from doing so. The father of the bride is supposed to plead and beg his son-in-law to give up his ascetic life and convince him to marry his daughter. The question is why only the groom has the right to decide what he wants from his life. Why is the father of the bride made to plead him to marry his daughter? This chauvinist Indian wedding custom needs immediate change or it must be given up completely.

The Ritual of Haldi 

This is another popular custom of Indian weddings where a beautiful paste of the turmeric powder is applied on the bride’s and the groom’s bodies before their wedding so as to make them look beautiful and make their skin glow on the day of their wedding. The sexist part of this crazy Indian wedding tradition is that the turmeric paste which is applied on the groom’s body is carried to the bride’s home. It is this paste which must be applied on the bride’s body. You can only imagine the sad sexist mentality behind this tradition and how unhygienic will it be for the bride.


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