Vasant Panchmi Special: Wedding Catering Menu for Sweets 

Vasant Panchmi Special: Wedding Catering Menu for Sweets

As the wedding is always accompanied by the delicious cuisines, coupled with the palatable starters, refreshing juices and much more. No one can ignore the sweetness of the deserts and Indian in particular are always feasting after the Fasting and the rituals. The moments take an interesting rather passionate turn when the wedding is accompanied by the Great Indian festival too. Here is a perfect epitome of the similar kind, where the wedding and the vasant Ritu, the festival of spring arrival coupled with the Goddess Luxmi worship are celebrated altogether. Rather, it’s an undeniable fact that pouring over the hot stoves and churning out delicacies that can titillate the most demanding of palates for the wedding guests to be accommodated. Moreover, the saffron, yellow color of the cuisines, and sweets in particular are the beauty of this festival. The attires, the outfits are always weared Yellow in India, to express the arrival of this spring season after the chilly days which melt into the more comfortable spring weather.

The second most appealing feature of the vasant is the offering of yellow colored cuisines to the Goddess. The wedding in this season is treated as a double celebrating fest for the people. A dash of saffron is added to the sweetmeats to get a yellow tinge. Here is the list of some wedding catering cuisines and sweet dishes in particular:

  • Kesari sheera:  Rich semolina sweet flavored with saffron and garnished with almonds and cashew nuts.
  • Kesari bhatt: this sweet rice  gets its name from saffron that lends its colour and flavor to make it special.
  • Besan  k ladoo: moulded sweet made from roasted gram flour and powdered sugar. 
  • Boondi ke ladoo: a moulded sweet made from roasted gram flour and powdered sugar.
  • Nariyal ki barfi: Rich coconut fudge flavored with saffron.
  • Red pumpkin kheer: a delicious sweet of red pumpkin and milk flavored with saffron and garnished with nuts.

The happiness, joy and the prosperity of the wedding gets combined with the significance of yellow colored cuisines like- rice, boondi ladoo, besan ladoo etc. yellow colored pasta, and many more special dishes like yellow Rajbhoj also belong to the similar categories. However, saffron sweet rice are mostly in vogue. And are quite easy to cook as well. The tasteness of these most palatable dishes leave the eater with an unforgettable joy and the the tendency to eat more than one. The yellow colored Haldi Rasam also signifies the importance of the same. It’s an important pre wedding ritual where the yellow coloured paste of the powder is massaged over the groom and the bride mostly in every caste and ritual of the Indian wedding.


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