Venue Size, Capacity, Location, Distance and Style 

Venue Size, Capacity, Location, Distance and Style

There are crucial questions which need to be asked which will guide you to figure out how to select a wedding venue which suits you the most. It is an important part of the wedding planning which needs to be done well in advance.

The bride and groom are required to prepare a draft budget before making any venue decisions. The expensive venue should not be signed, or one may not have sufficient money even to hire the DJ of one’s liking. You can use a spreadsheet for researching the venue for tracking and organizing the ideas for venue. 

A Word of Caution: 

The research done initially for finding a venue could be the frustrating as the websites and the venues could be different completely. They either offer plenty of information for different places or there may not be not be sufficient information which may offer a clue. You can approach venue for information with questions by email and they may reply with a marketing package having enough of the essential information you need including the size, capacity, location, distance and style. You must consider if the wedding venue is according to your budget and the guests you will be inviting. 

Size of the Wedding Venue:

The size of the wedding must be according to the number of the wedding guest you are expecting. There must be a sufficient seating arrangement as per the number of guests.

Capacity of the Wedding Venue:

Ensure that the capacity suits your event. In case you are throwing a cocktail party instead of a sit-down meal, the space could fit in more guests.

Location of the Wedding Venue:

The location should be suitable to the guest and so far as possible should be centrally situated for the guests to get there with minimum hassles to find right direction. Ensure that the guests know where they're heading. Even if the online maps are easy to use, occasionally the directions may be incorrect. Perhaps, a road with less traffic and quicker to reach may be available. You can request ceremony sites for the driving directions printouts. You can test drive on the rout yourself beforehand to check and guide the guests at the last moment.

Distance of the Wedding Venue:

The distance of the wedding venue is crucial factor when the guests decide to attend the event. The venue should not be too far flung or away in the suburban area so as to be difficult for the guests to get to the venue. 


One should note if venue style is according wedding traditions having space for every aspects of the wedding. The venue type like a restaurant, hotel or a historical place should be considered as per style you may like.

The theme could be to try to arrange the wedding in a way which is enjoyable and relaxing for the wedding guests who will come to celebrate the occasion. It would be advisable to create an ambience at the venue which would be conductive for the bride, groom and the wedding guests alike.


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