Versatile Wedding Jewelry 

Versatile Wedding Jewelry

The brides today are very different from the brides of the olden ages. A today’s bride is a lot more independent and more often than not has a say in everything that is decided on her wedding. Therefore, when it comes to buying bridal jewelry for herself, the brides today have their own very specific tastes, and do not like to follow the age old traditions. Buying jewelry is an important decision as there is a lot of monetary investment that goes into buying this jewelry, and therefore, the brides now-a-days prefer to buy jewelry keeping in mind the practical aspects in mind rather than simply showing off to the relatives and friends who would be attending the wedding. It is for this reason that the latest fashion in the bridal jewelry segment is that of versatile jewelry

Jewelry For More Than One Occasion

The biggest advantage of opting for versatile jewelry is that you end up buying jewelry which you would be able to wear not just on your wedding day but even later on in life on many other different occasions. Jewelry is a one of the most important accessories for all women across the world and no matter what the occasion or function they are attending, they have to wear jewelry to complement their dress. Buying a different set of jewelry for every occasion is not something that is practically possible and therefore, versatile jewelry gives you the option of mixing and matching your various jewelry sets and giving a different style to a single jewelry piece making it look different and new every time you wear it. 

Attach and Detach Parts To Change Looks

The jewelry worn by a bride on the day of her wedding is supposed to be quite heavy, since she needs to be the center of attraction on that day. However, on other occasions she may not need to wear such heavy jewelry and therefore, most of the times the heavy sets purchased for the wedding day stay in the lockers and the brides have to then buy other lighter jewelry sets for other occasions. All this can be avoided by opting for versatile jewelry. These sets allow various parts of the set to be detached and reattached in order to change the look and heaviness of the set. Thus, according to the function that the bride has to attend, she can change the look of the set. 

From Traditional Go Modern

Many women are skeptical about buying versatile jewelry feeling that since it’s a modern concept, the look of this jewelry would also be modern and may not look good on the wedding day, when everyone expects a more traditional look from the bride. The versatile jewelry sets are versatile in every way. The design of these sets has their roots in traditional Indian jewelry only and therefore, their basic feel is traditional. However, by inter-changing the various parts of the set, you can get a modern looking designer set as well. Therefore, depending on your needs, a versatile jewelry set can give you both a traditional as well as a modern look. 


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