Vidai Ceremony - Doli 

Vidai Ceremony - Doli

The life is incomplete without a spouse, the search starts when you attain the maturity. Finally a day comes, when a boy and a girl are tied on the knot of marriage. The end of this cherished moment is the departure of the bride from her paternal home for the matrimonial home, most popularly known as vidai. 

How the Ritual is performed? 

The parents and other family members of the bride accompany her to the door of the house. Just before the touching the doorstep, the bride throws a few handfuls of rice according to her prevailing custom. The rice should fall inside the house. This is the symbol of giving the dues of her parents which she has received till date. 

Significance of Throwing Rice 

In Indian society, the girls are assumed to be just the Goddess Lakshmi. Their leaving home after marriage is considered to be leaving of goddess Lakshmi. This must be compensated by gifting something to the family. The throwing of rice is done to keep the prosperity as well as wealth intact in the family or home. 

The Moment of Mixed Emotions 

The vidai is the ritual which is performed during leaving of home by the bride where she was born, brought up, played with brothers and sisters, studied and attained the age of maturity. Now after marriage, she has to leave this home for the rest of her life. Can the tears be stopped at this moment? Certainly


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