Wanna Decor Mehendi Function With Newer and Funny Ways- Use Bangles 

Wanna Decor Mehendi Function With Newer and Funny Ways- Use Bangles

Wedding includes large number of fun ideas. The use of bangles at wedding is not new. There are numerous possibilities of using the bangles. The bangles at wedding are like very much traditional and contemporary. There would not be any wedding which is without bangles. But the one, with full decoration of bangles can be an amazing idea. These are like the perfect combinations. The makhan and paratha, Katrina kaif and meethai pink color, they are contemporary to each other. Let’s analyze, how many kinda we use the bangles for perfect mehandi décor-

1. On the photo booth and rickshaw- 

The bangles can be utilized to have more classier and glam looking décor. You can utilize them to decorate your photo booths and rickshaws for that fun look.

2. Hanging down the wall-

Take large number of different colored bangles, and a satin ribbon, the one that suits the color of the bangles. Now, take these bangles through the satin ribbon and make them exhibit like small wreaths. How easy it is!! It’s pretty effortless too. Now see the beauty of this bangle hang.

3. To enhance the mandap beauty-

like as the bangle hangings, as described previously, the mandap hangings do contain flowers in addition to all this stuff. Moreover, the traditional look of bangles, ribbons and flowers can’t be imagined. It’s pretty cool and super traditional like, the one with hanging décor.

4. With kaleerey this time-

the bangles when united and closed from the one end are attached with the kaleeras to have the cute hangings. Now, bunch them and hang them with kaleeras.Get your cousins to make them ASAP.

5. As a Mandap backdrop-

Hang them in rows like in a bangle store and use that as a backdrop – such a beautiful sight eh?

6. As bouquet holders for more decoration-

initially bunch few flowers and then add your favorite colorful bangles. These are the sweetest one and are greatest décor ideas. Your mehandi moment gets perfect by the way of this kind of decoration.

7. As centerpiece-

The hanging effect of the bangles can be utilized here. The floral or other twigs can be taken and colored. Then these colorful bangles can be hanged so that these fabulous centre piece ideas make for the perfect centerpiece. You can even add beads and fringes and even tassles for the better effect.

8. Break the bangles into smaller pieces and stick them –

This is exactly the cutest idea to break the bangles into smaller pieces, then sticking them on the photo frames or some other object like as flower vase or the candle stands. It sounds really gorgeous. It’s really a cute idea.


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