Wanna Photograph Your Engagement Ring? The Cutest ideas to Have them 

Wanna Photograph Your Engagement Ring? The Cutest ideas to Have them

The engagement ring size, shape and look and overall elegance cannot go unnoticed even in the photographs. Infect, these are small symbols of great love. These appreciable beauties actually make for the best memories. Besides, the engagement ring is the first gift that really matters a lot to you. The frame worthy memories is generated and you along with your partner cannot stop dreaming about it before you get marry. 
Here is some frame worthy ideas for the engagement rings-

1.    in the lap of nature for perfection-

The exotic flowers or the bright branches of the floral twigs, really make the best of photos. The prime idea is to highlight the ring, using the flower and then click the pic. Just imagine the natural beauty of flowers along with the diamond ring sounds something fabulous. 

2.    Your cutie dog and your ring- the perfect love-

The pet can be utilized here. The nose or other part of dog can be utilized to have the perfect photographs. You can join hands (paws) with the pet and get his approval too.

3.    Utilize the base of your theme-

The theme of the wedding depends upon the wedding to wedding. Similarly, the way you are organizing your wedding is the best way to have the click. If you are going the beach way, you could do seashells. Or if rustic then on a piece of worn out wood. This hands-on-sand thing is good fun! 

4.    Replace the O’s-

Just imagine that the alphabet o is replaced by the cute wedding ring. The words love, forever, I do contain the alphabet o. now take all the alphabets and in place of o, place the ring. How wonderful it looks.

5.    on the heel of the louboutin-

The wedding shoes, that you plan to wear on your shaddi, the heal of which can be utilized to have that perfect ring. 

6.    Have a little fun, get cheeky

This DIY mug will not only be a perfect accessory for your picture, but will also indulge in some fun!

7.    Go glitter-

The festive look of the ring is ensured by shooting it with a glitter background which adds bit of glam to the ring. 

8. Generations natural hand pic with the ring

This one’s our favorite. Include the hands — and rings — of your mom and grandmother to recognize the many generations of your family. You can get your partner, his father and grandfather to click the same shot!


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