Watches for Every Member of Your Bridal Party 

Watches for Every Member of Your Bridal Party

When it comes to select gifts the bridal party, the search for the perfect ones to the most important people of the wedding is never ending. Selecting for a group of members with similar ones is quite a challenge. As the big day approaches, the families of the bride and groom become quite busy and hence it is always better to plan the bridal party clothes and accessories well in advance. One of the popular choices to buy during the marriage is a watch.

Watch - The Special Accessory

Watches make men look sophisticated and smart and add glamour to the ladies. Hence, it is a popular choice to gift watch to the bridal party. The watches for each different member should be matching their personality and make them look special. Some popular choices should be –

  • For the bride: The watch should be classic, elegant and be delicate. It should be stunning and matching the bride’s dress. It can be either contemporary or sport a vintage look and make a perfect memento for the most important day of her life.

  • For the groom: The groom’s watch should be stylish and sophisticated and complementing the groom’s wedding suit. Selecting the perfect timepiece should be a careful selection. Add a special feel to the watch by inscribing the anniversary date around the dial to add a personal touch.

Selection for the bride’s family

Apart from the bride and groom, the bride’s father and mother are gifted with classic wrist watches to highlight them and make them look special. The features of their watches should be –

  • For the bride’s father: The ideal watch for the bride’s father should be slightly traditional and appear bold. A sleek and light weight piece should perfectly suit and complement their attire. Ensure very special features in the watch like lunar phase dial to make it a unique timepiece.

  • For the bride’s mother: The best timepiece for the bride’s mother should have a mix of class and elegance. It should be the perfect accessory for her and make her look stylish. The best choice has a mother of the pearl dial and diamonds around the dial.

  • For the best man: One of the most important person on the wedding day should also look very special with a timeless beauty wrapped around his wrist. A sleek, minimalistic design should look very classy for the best man.

Making every member special

Apart from the couple, bride’s parents and the best man, the bridesmaids and maid-of-honour also need to sport a watch making them special, complementing their style and make it a memorable item to possess –

  • For the maid-of-honour: The watch which spotlight the maid-of-honour’s unique style is a perfect and should be an important item in the wedding planning.

  • For the bridesmaids: The bridesmaids should be gifted with trendy and chic watches showing the gratitude for the dedication, hard work and the love towards them.
Once it has been decided to gift watch to the important members of the bridal party, enough time has to be dedicated to select and buy watches for them.


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