Watercolor Theme Wedding - From Wedding Invites to Cake and Bridal Attires 

Watercolor Theme Wedding - From Wedding Invites to Cake and Bridal Attires

The love story begin here, where at an art exhibition, both of you bumped with each other and coincidently again, it happened to be again at an art gallery. What comes next is the common friend exhibition. What occurs as the result of this bumping that you fall in love with each other and eventually decide to pop a big question amidst all the beautiful art and sculpture and pottery and installations? And you say yes. Teary eyes start reflecting all the colors on the wall. What a dream come true.

It’s most interesting to note that the husband and wife are art lovers and they love artistic splash of colour and finds deep meaning in abstract paintings.  There is a clear indication to add splash of colors to your pre wedding or wedding theme too. What’s more, you need not be an art lover to do all this stuff. 

The water colour wedding theme is soon catching up the idea. This theme can be infused into the mehendi, cocktail, and wedding celebration. Some of the creative ideas go here..!

1. Wedding invites – water colored

Many colourful inspirations are available online that can be seen. Creating the water colour card is quite easy and effortless. All you need is few stroke of brushes or dabbing colors using cotton and voila.  Invitation card vendor can be consulted for more suggestions as well as for the more artistic approach.

2. Watercolor wedding cakes- 

Creating water colour cake is the work of genius bakers. Here, the edible colors are utilized. Explore variety of them. You would love them…

3.  Wedding decoration with water colors- 

Dip streamers or plain colored ribbons in different colors and create your own false ceiling with fairy lights or...Hang them by a paper lantern or...Create ombre pom poms to add a hint of color to a plain wall. Even different size of the heart shaped is cut and are dipped or sprayed with water colors. These can be hung loose that creates lovely wall.

Throw in a bunch of paper lanterns with their base colored in darker to lighter tones of your theme. When placed in a bunch, these paper lanterns Watercolor hoop streamers - lovely wedding decoration idea that can double up as your home decor too! Make for a great decoration item. 

You can hang some hand-painted cloth around hoops and create a perfect wall decor, entry decor or photo booth

4. Water colour table decoration-

The napkins are the best way to make them water colored prints. Even the watercolor cutlery, table runners all can have water colour prints.

5. Watercolor wedding centerpieces- 
The light hued roses, freesias and crocus flowers can have the water colour effects in the décor. Moreover, handmade paper flowers with water colors can be utilized. Even you can grab a bunch of soft hued flowers that have faded ends.

6. Watercolor wedding stage decoration-

Grab a bunch of soft hued flowers that have faded ends or make your own paper flowers and water colour them to create beautiful centerpieces to match your wedding theme. Think: light hued roses, freesias and crocus flowers to get the watercolor effect in your decor.

7. Watercolor Wedding Photo Booth

A photo booth is your blank canvas as this where your true love for art can be displayed in whichever way you like it. Here we share some interesting ways of how other couples nailed their watercolor themed wedding photo booth. Take a look.  

8. Watercolor Wedding Favors

Water colour stickers can be pasted on the wedding favors. Even candle holders or other similar kind of gifts can be given away. 

9.Watercolor wedding attires– Trousseau Treasures

If every aspect of the wedding is themed according to the water colour prints, then how can we forget or miss out on bridal wear. 

Genuinely, all the Indian brides truly go for red, maroon or magenta kind of shades but only the daring one would go with water themed wedding attire. No Indian bride would choose a watercolors hue for her wedding. You can rather pack it in your bridal trousseau. Ombre Lehenga - which you can adorn for your pre-wedding festivities or wedding events that you need to attend later on

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