Ways To Include Your Pet In The Wedding Ceremony 

Ways To Include Your Pet In The Wedding Ceremony

People who keep pets at home understand that leaving them behind for the wedding ceremony can be heart breaking. These pets are no animals, but a part of the family and in fact the most loved and pampered members of the family and therefore, not having them beside you on your most special day can make anyone sad. The wedding day is the most special day in the life of the bride and the groom and therefore, it is just not right that anything that makes them unhappy should be done on this day. Hence, if they want their pet to be a part of their wedding ceremony, then these pets should be made a part of the wedding ceremony. 

Using the pets for the purpose of proposing love or marriage to their partners is very common. You would often find that a cute dog is running towards a girl with a board hanging around his neck, asking the girl if she would marry the dog’s brother. Which girl would have the heart to say no to the proposal of this cutest creation of God? However, once the girl says yes and the two of you decide to get married, you cannot simply leave behind the dog that in the first place made the wedding happen. Therefore, we present below a few ways, through which you can make sure that this important member of your family, does not miss out on your wedding. 

He Can Be Your Ring Bearer

Just like you hung the board around his neck and made him run towards your partner asking her to marry you, similarly, you tie the ring in a locket and hang it right around the neck of the dog and make him stand right next to you at the altar as your ring bearer. Surely you may have other brothers and friends who may also be ready to do this job for you, but I can surely bet no other man would be able to make a more handsome and charming ring bearer than this loving pet of yours. 

Use Him For Guiding The wedding Guests

You can even make you pet sit right at the entrance of the wedding venue, where he would be holding the sign telling the guests where and how they are supposed to find their seats at the wedding venue. You can even make hi hold any other sign which you want your guests to read and follows, since no guest can miss the charm of this cutie pie and therefore, any sign you make him hold, would definitely be read by the guests. 

Make Your Photos More Special With Your Pet In Them

The wedding is the time when the bride and the groom get clicked at every possible location at the venue and with every family member and guest present at the wedding. However, if you are looking to make some of these wedding photos truly memorable, then you need to get your pet to be a part of these photos. He will make these photos absolutely special.  


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