Ways to Leave Your Guests Surprised 

Ways to Leave Your Guests Surprised

So now your wedding won’t be another simple wedding under the moon. This time we have something else planned for you. Some tips that can help your wedding become much better and surprising.

  • A Luxurious Reception Lounge 
Give visitors a spot to blend between dance breaks by making a lounge area at your gathering. Fill the space with lounge chairs or seats and a lot of cushions to sink into. It's the ideal approach to keep everybody on the gathering notwithstanding when they're resting. Truly need to goodness them? Close off the range with draperies to make a VIP vibe. 

  • A Reception Ushers 
You might as of now want to have your ushers escort visitors to their service seats, yet consider having reception ushers. These "live escort cards" walk visitors to their tables for an upscale eatery experience. Ask your gathering venue or food provider if its wait staff can do this twofold service, or hire a few ushers to the occupation. 

  • Visitor Transportation 
In case you're anticipating shuttling your visitors from the wedding service to the reception, make the journey a piece of the enjoyment by leasing some genuine stylish mass transportation. Take wedding transportation to new statures with a hot air balloon. 

  • Pre ceremony Cocktails 
Your visitors won't be expecting any drinks or beverages until the reception, so give them a lovely shock by setting up a table of light drinks in transit to the service. Go for something light not for something too strong or heavy. Also, have your cook or ushers gather any stray glasses to ensure the space is clean before the processional starts. 

  • Champion Escort Cards 
Rather than a paper card that'll get lost or discarded, redesign your escort cards to something worth keeping (or eating!). Attempt customized cake pops with visitors' names and table numbers composed on them in icing (or on an adorable tag), or engraved martini glasses that twofold as favours. 

  • A DIY Flower Station 
Tell visitors that it's not only the wedding gathering that is extraordinary to you (it's everybody!) by letting everyone stand up with their own particular corsage or boutonniere. Get some information about setting up a flower station to make your own flower: Put out some strong sprouts like shower roses or mums, supply loads of brilliant strips and sticks, and add names with simple to-take after directions. 

  • "To-Go" Valet Gifts
Send visitors home with the feeling of being dealt with care by having valets put little gifts or end-of-the-night snacks in visitors' autos before giving over the keys. No valets? Set out the container of the gifts -, for example, delicate eye covers with notes that say "Rest tight!" or hangover kit - for visitors to get on out of the gathering venue. In the event that you've organized transport or carry transportation, have something waiting on board for visitors.


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