Ways to modernize wedding traditions 

Ways to modernize wedding traditions

Traditions and customs are followed in weddings without any hesitation. Almost all the wedding is made to be ritualistic. God is given the priority and seeking his blessings is significant. 

Due to westernisation, nowadays wedding ceremony is scheduled to be like a modern wedding and trendy. Newer formalisms are adopted and the marriage is made innovative. 

Theme wedding 

The younger generation have involved themselves in choosing the theme for their marriage. Modern weddings implement a particular theme which might be a particular colour, flower, landforms etc. Based on this, decorations are made and the wedding hall portrays an exotic design which is exclusive. 

Destination wedding 

In recent times, marriage takes place in farm houses or resorts in hill station to have a travel like wedding. People enjoy the journey to distant places along with their relatives thereby experiencing the feel good factor. Sometimes they travel to their native places to bring back the old memories and also to seek the blessings of their ancestors.

Live stage performances

The couple's opt for celebrity performances and programmes at their marriage. They also hire a band or orchestra who entertain the guests. Apart from these DJ


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