Ways to save thousands on your wedding 

Ways to save thousands on your wedding

Weddings are fixed in heaven and realised on earth. This is believed by most of them. As it is an auspicious occasion which takes place once in a lifetime of the individual, he or she wishes it to be grand and memorable. Decorations are made extravagant with newer ideas and thoughts. 

In spite of all the desires, budget weddings are favoured by both groom and bride's family. It is significant to give prior importance to all the expenses made for the marriage.

Make your wedding simple yet elegant

Simple and usual wedding celebration is not preferred by most of them. It is our duty to find out the ways to reduce the expenses made unnecessarily for the marriage. 

Plan the budget

The first and foremost work to be done after fixing the marriage is to plan the budget. The next step in budget wedding is to analyse the pre-planned budget and simplify it. Look through the ways to minimise the unwanted expenses.

Make it off season

Wedding ceremony can be planned before a year and the venue can be booked in advance. Marriage can be fixed off season which in turn will reduce the venue charges. Booking a hall at the eleventh hour is not appreciated. 


Spending too much for decorations is not good. When the wedding ceremony takes place off season the flowers are not on demand and are easily available at low cost. Decorations can also be made with artificial flowers when natural flowers are in great demand.

Wedding attire 

Expenses for the marriage are mainly for wedding attire and jewellery. Both the bride and groom can reconsider the amount spent on it because after the wedding it is going to rest in the locker for years together. Also purchasing the wedding attire with discounts and offers can save you money.

Wedding menu

Apart from wedding attire the next thing where budget weddings suffer is wedding food. Self-service and buffet can be followed to avoid food wastage. Also artificial cake decorations can be made for showcase and the cake pieces be provided individually at the dining hall. 

Make it at the same place

Instead of hiring different hall for marriage and reception it is beneficial in many ways to rent the same venue. Transportation charge is reduced. See to that you're able to negotiate the cost. It is not insane to get help from your friends and relatives. When they offer you help, be kind enough to reciprocate the same.

Rent a house

Rather than booking rooms in star hotel for your guests, you can reduce the expenses by renting a big house which can accommodate all your relatives from other states and distant places. 

Party yourself

In case of budget weddings it is sensible to arrange for music and dance performances with the help of your friends rather than having a DJ and artist from event managing companies. 


Once the wedding ceremony gets over, try to sell the decorative items used. Also we can use second hand items to save money. 


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