Ways to Use Your Wedding Dress after the Wedding Day 

Ways to Use Your Wedding Dress after the Wedding Day

Brides put in a lot of their time, effort and money in ensuring that their wedding dress is absolutely perfect. However, unfortunately, this amazing bridal gown, which is prepared with great effort, is worn just once on the wedding day, and after that, it simply sits in the storage and rots. Many brides like to store this dress properly and keep it as a memory of their wedding. However, all in all, this dress goes complete waste. 

But if you are someone who does not like wasting things, then we have some special ideas which will help you in using this dress in some smart ways even after the wedding day. 

Make Keepsakes

The only purpose because of which a bride would like to spend her time and effort in preserving this huge bridal dress of hers is that there are many emotions and memories of the big day attached to this dress. We understand and respect these emotions and therefore, do not expect you to simply throw away the dress. Instead you can use the dress to make some bridal accessories, like use its material for making necklaces, etc. These accessories are much more practical and you can actually wear them to many different occasions in your life. This way, you would not only keep your wedding memories close to you, but be able to remember them a lot more often than a wedding dress, tucked in a closet will allow you to remember them. 

Save It For Your Daughter

Many brides have opted to wear the bridal dress of their mothers at their wedding ceremony. Wearing your mother


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