Wearing Rented Bridal Jewelry, an important step in saving 

Wearing Rented Bridal Jewelry, an important step in saving

In a typical Indian wedding, there are many pre wedding and post wedding functions which take place. The bride is supposed to dress up and look perfect for each and every function. She not only has to have the best dresses for every function, but is even supposed to wear matching jewelry as well. It is just not possible to own real matching jewelry for every occasion. As a result, most of the brides opt for going in for rented jewelry

There Is A Huge Choice Available

With the increase in the demand for costume jewelry from the brides, the market for artificial bridal jewelry has grown considerably in the past few years. Today, there is a huge choice in terms of design of jewelry and also the price at which the same is available. Some of the most amazing and latest jewelry designs can be found in this market and that too at the most reasonable price. 
There are many advantages of using rented jewelry for weddings which have contributed to the increased demand for the same. Some of those advantages are as follows:

Save Money

This is probably the biggest and the primary reason why people opt for costume jewelry. Buying a real gold or diamond set comes at a very high price. It is not possible for everyone to afford to buy such expensive jewelry for every function of their wedding and therefore, in order to reduce the amount of investment they have to make in the wedding expenses, most brides prefer to rent jewelry for certain wedding functions and for the main functions like the actual wedding, they buy real jewelry. 

Match Your Jewelry Perfectly With Your Wedding Dress

Another very big advantage of opting for rented jewelry is that the bride is able to match the jewelry perfectly with her wedding dress. Many times it happens that you are not able to find real diamond or gold jewelry sets which match perfectly with your dress. In such situations you are left with only two options. The first option is to compromise and wear a bridal set which is real but does not match well with the wedding dress or you can opt for rented costume jewelry, which would be a perfect match for your dress. There are many brides who prefer to go for the second option and ensure that their look is perfect on the wedding day.
Wear A New Set At Every Function

Every bride dreams of wearing a new dress and matching jewelry for the same for every function of her wedding. But when she chooses to wear only real jewelry, she would have to surely repeat a couple of her jewelry sets since it is not possible for anyone to own so many different and matching sets of real jewelry. But if she decides to go in for costume jewelry, she would be able to wear a new jewelry set with every dress at every function of her wedding and fulfill her dream of a perfect wedding. 

There are still many brides who do not like to wear costume jewelry, but the trend of wearing rented jewelry is on a rise. 


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