Weather Proofing Your Wedding 

Weather Proofing Your Wedding

Nature cannot be controlled by anyone. You may have checked with all the weather forecasts around the world and confirmed that there would be no rain on the day of your wedding, and yet, on the final day, there may be a sudden downpour which no one had expected. This makes it very important for every bride and groom to make sure that they do proper weather proofing of their wedding venue, so that because of the bad weather, you and your wedding guests do not have to face any trouble and the wedding ceremony goes ahead in a smooth fashion. 

Some of the tips on weather proofing your wedding are as follows:

Always Have A Backup Plan

No matter how certain you are that the weather will behave the way it is predicted, it is always essential that you should have a backup plan in place. The wedding day is the most special day of your life and if that day gets ruined, you will never be able to relive that day. Therefore, you have to be sure that nothing, even the most uncertain mother nature, is able to ruin this day for you, and the only way you can save this day from all mishaps is by having a solid backup plan in place. 

Assign Someone To Monitor The Weather

As the bride and the groom, both of you would be too busy in taking care of many other things at the wedding and therefore, it is not possible for you to keep monitoring the weather. Therefore, you need to make someone specific in charge for monitoring the weather and if this person feels that the weather is going to take an unexpected turn, he or she needs to inform you immediately, so that you can put your backup plan in motion before the weather is able to spoil the fun of your wedding. 

Opt For Creative Decorations And Coverings

Understanding the needs of the brides and grooms, the wedding decorators these days have come up with many different and creative coverings and decorations for the wedding venue, which can be easily converted into tents for protecting the guests from an unexpected shower of rain. Thus, through the use of these creative coverings, even if the weather takes an unexpected turn, you do not have to change the plans for your wedding or shift your wedding venue, since the same decorations will provide the guests with the required cover at the same venue, thus allowing you to easily complete the wedding ceremony as planned.

Arrange For Emergency Accessories

The makeup and dress of the bride, if it gets spoiled in the rain, cannot be put back together quickly and in time for the remaining of the wedding ceremony to carry on as per the schedule. Therefore, it is important that at the wedding venue, arrangements should be made for accessories like a large gold umbrella, etc., which can be used for the protection of the bride from the rain, so that once the wedding venue is shifted indoors, the ceremony can be continued immediately from where it had to be stopped because of the rain, without any delay.


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