Wedding Band FAQ 

Wedding Band FAQ

The wedding being one time affair in life, you would like to make it memorable for the guests as well as for yourself. Out of many things, you concentrate and devote a considerable time in selection and hiring of wedding bands.

If you know the things to be looked and find in a wedding band, you will be at greater ease. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you in selecting one of the best wedding bands. 

How to select a good band?

There are various bands available online and when you browse through, you will find their videotapes too. But, it is better not to rely on the videotapes; it may be misleading and different than the actual one. The bands artists’ performance may be different in front of audience than that of before camera. So, it is better to select a good band by actually seeing it live. That may be when you attend a wedding. 

Which is better: a band or a DJ?

It depends entirely on your personal choice as well as on your budget. Both the things are good, one show live performance while other play recorded songs. There are some bands that have the combination of the both and they may perform at your choice. 

What kind of band to be hired?

The type of wedding music band  again depends on your choice. You may hire any of swing, calypso, or jazz band according to your preference of listening. But, you need to consider the preference of your guests too. 

What should be the size of an Ideal Band?

It is better; you are not getting misled by the larger size of band according to large number of its members. It is possible that a band of lesser number of members, but equipped with better talents, advanced musical instruments and devotion to work may prove to be a better band in leaving great impression on the audience. 

What should be seen in a Band? 

Apart from have good musical skills, the wedding music bands are well versed with wedding rituals too. They keep track of various events taking place in wedding as well as the reception. You may discuss the band leader in this regard in advance. You may give a list of songs played at appropriate times. They must be willing to experiment and present your choice on the wedding day. 

What should be the cost? 

Apart from many things, the costs of live wedding bands depend largely on date, time as well as place of wedding. It is normal that during holidays and weekend wedding the band would cost more than that of week days. The reason is scarcity and high demand. If the band is available to performing at two functions in a single date in two different timings, it may cost lesser. At the same, the travel distance, expenses and ease of transportation are also good factor to decide the cost of a band. After all, your bargaining capacity may also result in paying less for a band. 


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