Wedding Band Faqs 

Wedding Band Faqs

Without good music playing in the background, the atmosphere of a wedding ceremony can become slightly monotonous. These days, many people opt to hire wedding bands or live music bands, which not only provide entertainment for the guests, but through their music, also help in making certain significant ceremonies of the wedding even more special. Therefore, it is important that when arranging music for your wedding reception, you make sure you hire the best musicians for the night. 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, which people seek answers to in order to ensure that they hire the right band for their wedding reception? 

What Are the Number and Length of Breaks that the band will take in a Four to Five Hour Performance?

It is not humanly possible for any band to keep playing continuously for a stretch of four to five hours. The band will surely take breaks in between their performance. You need to know how many breaks they will take, and what the duration of each break would be. If the band takes too many or too long breaks, the mood of the party can get affected. 

What Kind Of Music Will They Provide?

This is one of the most important questions that you need to ask. Some bands can only provide soft music, while others can only play party music. Depending on the mood you wish to create at your wedding, you will have to select a band, which will be able to provide the required music for you. 

Can They Provide Special Music And Sounds For Ceremonies?

During a wedding reception, there are many small but important ceremonies that take place. You might want the band to play a special song or music during these ceremonies, not only to draw the attention of everyone towards the ceremony, but also because the ceremony and the song may hold some emotional significance for you. Make sure that you ask the band whether they would be able to provide this facility to you or not. 

What Would Be The Dress Of The Band?

Most of the wedding ceremonies are organized on a particular theme these days. All the decorations, food layout, etc. everything at these weddings is done in accordance with the theme. Therefore, it becomes important that the dress that the band wears should also match this theme of the wedding. You need to make sure before hiring the band, if they are okay with wearing an appropriate dress for the wedding reception. 

What Are The Payment Terms And Conditions Of The Band?

Money is the base for all decisions. Not only should the price being charged by the band should be well within your budget, but the way they want their payment should also be acceptable to you. 

What Are The Space Requirements Of The Band?

Depending on the size of the group, there would be minimum space requirements of the band. If your wedding venue does not have the necessary space that a particular band needs, then hiring that band would be a bad idea. Hence, before, hiring ask about the space requirements of the band. 


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