Wedding Bomboniries In Western Styled Indian Weddings 

Wedding Bomboniries In Western Styled Indian Weddings

There are a number of Indian brides and grooms, who have travelled abroad and seen many western weddings and therefore, like the style of wedding favors that are given in the western countries. Although these brides and grooms get married in a typical Indian wedding style, but they like to present the wedding favors to their wedding guests in the western style. 

Some ideas for bombonieres, which are inspired by the west, but are given an Indian twist, are as follows:


Candles are a popular choice in the western countries for giving away as wedding favors. Many Indian brides and grooms are also choosing these candles as a wedding gift for their guests as well. However, the style and design of the candles that are given away at an Indian wedding is very different from the style and design of candles that are given away at a western wedding. The candles given at Indian weddings tend to have Indian designs like elephants, flower motifs, etc. made and they tend to be of bright colors like red, golden, etc. 

Glass Sets

Another great choice for a favor at an Indian wedding is that of gifting decorative glass sets. The designs of these glass sets is inspired from the Mughal era and tend therefore, they have a rustic and vintage feel to them. 

Elephant Showpieces

Elephants are considered to be auspicious in the Indian culture and therefore, people tend to place these elephant statutes at their entrance gates or even on their showpiece mantles. Presenting beautiful elephant showpieces to the wedding guests makes a great idea for favors at an Indian wedding. From ivory elephants to elephants made in silver or gold plated, there is a huge variety of elephants that are available in the markets and which can be given away as favors to the wedding guests. 

Photo Frames

Photo frames are yet another idea for a wedding favor, which is popular both in the western as well as Indian weddings. However, the style of frames that are distributed at both the weddings is very different. In the Indian weddings, the frames selected are generally of golden or silver color and the design is inspired from the olden and traditional carvings of India, which give this gift a traditional look and feel. 


Distribution of sweets or delicacies as party favors is the most widely used idea for wedding favors. But, unlike the west, where generally, cakes, chocolates, cookies, etc., are distributed as wedding favors, in India, Indian delicacies like laddoo, meva barfi


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