Wedding Bouquets - For Making Your Day A Special One 

Wedding Bouquets - For Making Your Day A Special One

The wedding day is the most special day in the life of a bride. Everything about the bride has to be perfect on that day. Whether it is her dress, her hair or even the bouquet which she will be carrying while walking down the aisle, attention needs to be given to every small detail about the bride. The brides spend a lot of time in making sure that they get their dress, accessories and make-up right and while they are busy getting all these things perfected, they generally forget to arrange for a special wedding bouquet for themselves. 

Almost all the brides carry bouquets which are made from fresh flowers and ensure that the color of the flowers match the color of their dress. However, at a wedding, bouquets are carried by the bridesmaids as well and may even be used for decoration purposes. Therefore, it becomes important that the bride makes sure that the bouquet that she carries does not look similar to any other bouquet present at the wedding venue. Below are a few simple ways through which a simple wedding bouquet can be made to look different and special. 

Adding Ribbons

This is one of the easiest and yet a great way to give the bouquet, which the bride will carry, a special appearance. There are many different types of ribbons that are available in the market. You can use ribbons of different colors, textures, etc., in order to give the bouquet a nice and colorful appearance. If your wedding has a particular theme to it, then these ribbons can also be used to make your bouquet go with the theme of the wedding. The bride can either ask the florist to ensure that the bouquet goes with the theme of the wedding, or she can herself, go and personally pick a decorative ribbon from the market and provide the same to the florist for making her bouquet very special and different. 

Make It Personal

The wedding bouquet, which a bride carries on her wedding, is anyways very special, but this bouquet can be made even more special by adding a personal touch to the same. Any decorative item belonging to the bride, like her brooch, etc., or something which holds a lot of emotional significance for the bride, like her mother’s necklace, can be attached to the bouquet. These personal items not just help in enhancing the visual appeal of the bouquet, but they also represent the unbreakable family bond which the bride shares with her family. By holding these bouquets, the bride can feel a sense of security that she has the support and blessings of her family, while she enters a new life. 

Add A Secret

 There may be a special secret between the bride and the groom, which only the two of them may be aware of and no one else at the wedding would know anything about it. You can add this secret item to your bouquet as a symbol of the special bond that you both share with only each other and no third person. 


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