Wedding Budget Planner Handy Hints 

Wedding Budget Planner Handy Hints

Weddings are a grand affair in India. People end up spending all their savings and in some cases even borrow more money from their friends and relatives in order to ensure that their wedding turns out to be an affair to remember for everyone who attends their wedding. This policy of spending all your savings and starting your new life with your partner with a debt on your head is extremely wrong. Also, it is wrong to think that in order to have a good wedding you require to spend a lot of money. If you are a smart planner, then you would be able to devise a wedding plan, which will help you in making the arrangement for a grand wedding, but doing so within a limited budget. 

Below are a few simple tips through which you would be able to organize the best wedding ceremonies in limited means:

Limit Your Wedding Guests

People tend to go overboard when preparing the guest list for their wedding, they end up inviting even those people whom they have met just one in their lives and would probably never meet again. As the number of guests on your invitee list increases, your budget for the wedding also keeps going up. Therefore, you must to be sensible and reasonable when making this guest list and invite only your close and dear friend and family members, who genuinely matter to you in your life, for your wedding. 

Wedding Shopping

The way you shop for your wedding affects your wedding budget greatly. You must always be on the lookout for more economical options when shopping and for this you will have to conduct a thorough hunt of the markets. It is your wedding and you deserve to buy the best of everything, but by searching the markets extensively you might be able to find the same stuff at a better price. This will help you in controlling your wedding budget greatly. 

Adopt The Policy Of Borrowing And Renting

There are a lot of things involved in a wedding that are used only once on the wedding day and then either get locked up in the store for life or are thrown away. It does not make sense for you to spend huge sums of money in buying such stuff. Instead, you can go in for the option of renting or borrowing this stuff as that would help in reducing your expenses on your wedding to a very large extent. For example, along with the wedding dress, there are a number of accessories which a bride needs and these accessories come at a huge price, but are never worn by the bride ever again in her life. There are shops present in the market, which rent out some beautiful accessories for the bride at the most reasonable prices. Similarly, the decorations at the wedding venue can be rented or borrowed rather than buying them. 

Negotiate Well

It is important that you engage in proper negotiation with the suppliers if various materials at the wedding in order to get the best rates. Similarly, try to make all the arrangements for the wedding during the off season, as that would help you in getting the best deals.


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