Wedding Candles - For Most Spiritual Outlook In Weddings 

Wedding Candles - For Most Spiritual Outlook In Weddings

There are many things which are common in almost all the weddings that happen across the globe. However, many times the significance and the importance of certain things, which are used at every wedding, tend to be different in different weddings; Candles are a perfect example of this. Candles are used by almost everyone in their weddings. But, in most of the weddings these candles are simply a part of the d├ęcor of the wedding venue, or are placed as a mere symbol of the lord. But in a Christian wedding, these candles have a deep spiritual meaning attached to them. 

There are two main functions which these candles perform at a Christian wedding:

Represent The Lord

At a Christian wedding, the candles are used as a symbol of Jesus and therefore, by burning these candles during the ceremony, it is signified that the lord himself is present during the ceremony and is blessing the bride and the groom and wishing them a great future together. This belief attached to the candles is shared at many other weddings, which are not necessarily Christian weddings, as well. As a result of this belief, that the candles are a symbol of the Lord himself, you would find that at almost all of the weddings, candles are placed, especially at the altar, where the bride and the groom would be taking their vows. These candles being a symbol of the Lord are considered to be extremely sacred and auspicious. It is also believed that the flame of the candles also represents the aflame that should burn in the lives of the marrying couple for the rest of their life. 

Unity Candle

The burning of the unity candle is not something that is compulsory as per the religion, but it is something nice and special which many couples choose to do after they have been joined in the holy matrimony. In fact, many couples like to return to the church where the wedding ceremony had taken place, and every year on their wedding anniversary date, they relight this unity candle as a symbol of their love and seek the blessings of the Lord for their marriage. The lighting of this candle is a way of praising the Lord and thanking him for allowing the bride and the groom to come together and getting attached in the holy bond of matrimony. 

Myths Surrounding These Candles

Aside from the various rituals, which are performed with these candles at the wedding ceremonies, there are certain myths which also surround the use of these candles. One of the most audacious myths that surround these candles is that the candle, placed on either side of the bride and the groom, represent their life and therefore, the candle which blows off first, shows who amongst the bride and the groom will die first. It is important that the bride and the groom and everyone else attending these weddings understand, that these are simply myths and bear no truth to them. Candles are special and add a spiritual feel to the weddings. 


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