Wedding Day Allergies to Flowers, Make Up or Platinum Jewellery What to do in this Situation? 

Wedding Day Allergies to Flowers, Make Up or Platinum Jewellery What to do in this Situation?

Wedding is full of rosy and other exotic, aromatic aroma of beautiful flowers. The work of decoration is left to the decorator, but how can he be known to the real fact that you are allergic to the flowers of decoration, in addition you cannot do make up, as you never know which ingredient is gonna harm you. 

The hypersensitivity, not only to the flowers, but to certain other ingredients may lead to the severe form of the allergic reactions, which are accompanied by the non-stop sneezing, swelling of eyes, lips etc and  in severe cases it can lead to anaphylactic shock where the complete nervous breakdown can prove to be fatal. It’s very serious condition.

Now being the bride you are caught amongst the floral walls, filled with roses and their then follows the series of sneezes where you are left uncontrolled for the entire situation.

Wedding planning services too require the consideration of allergic reactions.
Are you hypersensitive for make-up??

Have you ever heard of a bride with no makeup??? Yes, the bride who does not know which ingredient is gonna cause allergic reactions to you or might give you the bad rash. 

The solution to this very problem is to have a test and trial a month or two before your wedding with your makeup artist. If you think makeup artist is gonna charge you bomb for this, then you should simply request a patch test of the products your makeup artist uses explaining to her your concerns about allergies.

Are you allergic to candles?

So you have planned for a kind of decoration in which your decorator suggests placing thousands of candles around your venue to create that perfect dreamy ambience you always desired for your first dance with your spouse. The scent it releases cause allergic reaction to you. So grab a bunch of faux candles or the scent free natural candles made of soy or beeswax.

Are you hypersensitive to flowers?

Weddings without flowers are never seen in the nightmares. But now , modern couples are opting for the flower less wedding, like- incorporating more modern elements like as Moroccan lamps, paper pomanders etc, the red flowers of antigens, full of package of sneezes are obsolete now. So you need not worry about this. The best options are to choose artificial silk flowers or to create your own paper flowers. The lower fragrance flowers like- daffodils, tulips, orchids, gladiolas, carnations, low scent roses or tea roses etc. -

Is your skin sensitive to platinum jewellery?

When your fiancé decides to surprise you with the platinum ring or you get the platinum set as a gift from your in-laws, but after wearing the jewellery, your skin seems to develop the rash, rinse and dry your affected area carefully. Don’t apply soap there.

So your gal pals have been pampering you silly, so much so that they decide to gift you a cool spa treatment. With all the running around you’ve been doing planning your big day, you deserve a royal spa service. However, stay alert to which type of oil is being used on you. Oils such as ginger, bergamot, orange, lime, and grapefruit used in aromatherapy can provoke a rash after your skin is exposed to the sun. Request your masseuse to avoid these oils if you have a sensitive skin.

Make sure tips 

Request your physician for pre medications for any kind of allergies to prevent you from itchy, red eyes and lots of sneezing.

Keep an emergency allergy kit along with you while you leave for the honeymoon.


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