Wedding Day, The Sisters Role Charges Up Even More - 13 Essential Tips that you must know Being a Sister 

Wedding Day, The Sisters Role Charges Up Even More - 13 Essential Tips that you must know Being a Sister

Throughout the whole affairs of attending the wedding guests and friends to the shopping of the outfits, and the accessories, your top most priority lies in always being with your sister no matters. As a sister, you have that practice, but in this situation, when her mind is pre occupied with lots of tits and bits of the relations, and when she need it the most, she is going to be so thankful to you to stand by her side on the special day. And off course, don’t forget to have a blast at the wedding – after all your sister gets married only once!

The following duties are waiting for you, if you are the sister of the bride-
(During the day of the wedding)

- Resolve all the mini crisis of the vendors and designers, like as why the blouse or the suit is not ready, are clothes properly ironed or not? Why the blouse is not fitting?

- Keep a perfect tab on the time and make sure the bride is up on the time.

- Don’t forget to pat her back, when you see her getting ready or getting makeup done, when you see her, to boost the morale and the self confidence too.

- So give her a thumps up sign to appreciate and to motivate her.

- Help her Pee!! She can’t do it by herself on the wedding day...Hihi.She is not a baby, but provide assistance there too.

- Maintain a record of her diet schedule along with the medicines, if she takes any, and the emergency conditions too, so that she can have you as the personal doctor and the dietician.

- You must never delay the things by you, get ready as the first person, and be there to help your sis from the minute one, till end. 

- Have the check on the time of calling vendors, along with their detailed address and the phone number. Don’t refrain yourself for talking to her in-laws and the brother in law for the essential help required during the time of wedding like as during milni and the arrival time and many more small tits and bits.

- Make sure, everyone is well dressed, well fed and on the time for the best presentation and the status.
Be near or in the mandap with the bride. Help make adjustments as needed, whether it’s placing the dupatta just so for the ceremony, adjusting the can-can in the lehenga for photos or dusting off extra kumkum

- Take the help of your brother’s party to  place the luggage at the place of need and the brides bag separately to be placed in the booked room with utmost of the privacy.

- Its obvious for the bride to be excited to meet and greet everyone. Still keep an eye on her throughout all functions to make sure she eats well, sleep in time, drink and catch up with her new spouse.

- Be the punching bag – be there to listen and let her vent her frustrations without judgment or argument. And the butler – the bride will need things, and the closer you get to the wedding day, the more things she will need. You will fetch them. You will do it with a smile on your face. Enough said.


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