Wedding Desserts-Alternative to Wedding Cake 

Wedding Desserts-Alternative to Wedding Cake

Whether you’re a free-spirited bohemian or simply wish to substitute a traditional wedding cake with more attractive options, these delicious alternatives will definitely make your wedding reception stand out. They say there’s no love sincerer than the love for desserts. Forgo traditional desserts for these heavenly and mouth-watering sweets. 

Waffle sundae

This dessert is totally a crowd pleaser that can be served almost any time of the day. You can offer a number of ice-cream flavors and toppings such as cherries, honey, nuts, berries, chocolate rice, hot chocolate fudge, etc. Waffles are all about the contrast, sweet and salty, hot and cold, crunchy and soft and hence this can be a great reflection of the bitter and sweet nature of weddings. 

Rice Krispie Treat

If you’re looking for something that resembles cake but is not cake, then a rice krispie treat cake is the right option for you. Light and tasty, this cake can be molded according the shape of your choice. 

Cake pops

If you’re of the idea that everything tastes better on a stick, then cake pops are totally the option for you. You can top your cake pops with chocolate chips, chocolate rice, colorful sparkles, etc. What’s more, cake pops can be easily customized to match the theme of your wedding. Available in number of shapes and colors, these bite-sized desserts can be served easily on the trays and do not require a plate or a fork. 

Chocolate custards and mousse

Take your love for chocolate a step further with chocolate custards served in adorable little cups. You can add vanilla or coffee flavor to spruce up this dessert. You can also serve chocolate mousse at your wedding. 


You can club marshmallow and chocolate sandwich in between crispy crackers and you’ll be ready with a delectable dessert. You can also add caramel flavor, candies and cookies to this dessert. 


Life is short and so am I- This saying rightly goes for the attractive and heavenly macaroons. Available in a number of flavors, macaroons are a hit amongst the children. You can opt from a wide range of flavors such as chocolate macaroon, honey macaroon, blueberry macaroon, rose macaroon, almond macaroon and coconut macaroon. You can also create a marvelous macaroon tower on your wedding day.


Love comes in all sizes and what better a proof than doughnuts. Fried and glazed, doughnuts are a great option for your big day. There’s no wondering over the fact that doughnuts are a hit amongst all age groups. You can opt from plain sugar doughnuts, chocolate iced doughnuts, apple cinnamon doughnuts, blueberry chocolate, pistachio doughnuts, almond doughnuts, etc. 

Pies on a stick

Not just delicious, pies are also budget-friendly. Choose from a range of sweet or savory pies such as lemon pie, apple pie, cherry pie, blackberry pie, pumpkin pie, chicken pie, fish pie, strawberry pie, sweet potato pie and corned beef pie. Take this attractive dessert a step further by serving mini pies on sticks on your wedding day. 


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