Wedding DJ Trends in Vogue 

Wedding DJ Trends in Vogue

Hiring the right wedding music band for your wedding plays a very crucial role. You being the decision maker in selecting the right DJ for your wedding must ensure that the latest trends are incorporated in the performance of the DJ. Wedding bands can make your wedding a very enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone present. Music adds life to any party and therefore, special attention must be paid on selecting the DJ for your wedding as it can make or break your day.  

The points mentioned below throw light on the latest and the hottest DJ trends which are very much in fashion and are extensively being followed in weddings these days. 

Length and volume of music being played

These days DJs are being instructed to play throughout the wedding function. Right from the moment of arrival of guests, when the bride enters, when the bride and groom exchange their marital vows and on each and every ceremony, the music band plays a suitable piece of music or a song. The wedding music bands must have expertise of playing a variety of styles depending upon the ceremony taking place and also must have the knowledge of adjusting the volume of music accordingly. It gives a fairytale appeal to the wedding ceremonies taking place.

Master of ceremony services

In case the wedding band is playing the music throughout the wedding function, they can be instructed to announce the dinner, key events, ceremonies and cake cutting event. This helps in a smooth running of function without some family member being worried of getting on the stage again and again to make announcements. It keeps the music band or the DJ more involved in the happenings of the wedding also. 

Live wedding bands

Live music band performances are always in vogue. It not only makes the atmosphere light but also appeals to every guest present. The music band can entertain the guests more by performing on the songs of their choice as requested by them 

Performance Acts on Dance Floor  

Specialty performers are being hired these days that perform varied style of acts which are well choreographed and rehearsed from before. It usually takes place when the DJ takes a break from playing the music. The guests find it even more entertaining than the live music. This DJ trend is practiced by most of the best wedding bands and has seen no downside so far. It keeps up the spirit of the people present. The style of performance can be selected depending on the theme of the wedding to make it look relevant.

Performances by the Bride and the Groom 

The guests welcome the performances by the bride and the groom with utmost excitement. They take charge as the true center stage. 

Themed Music in the Wedding

As we know, most of the weddings these days follow some or the other theme. The wedding organizers now also arrange for themed music pieces based on the theme chosen for the wedding. This not only adds more value to the wedding atmosphere but also grants an authentic feel to the theme wedding.


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