Wedding Emergency Kit Checklist 

Wedding Emergency Kit Checklist

It is always a good idea to be prepared well in advance for any wedding day mishaps and keeping a wedding emergency kit ready at hand is the best way to do it. It must be compact and must comprise of the possible stuff you might need any time throughout your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. A handy tote bag could be your saver for the day. Start preparing for your wedding emergency kit by making a checklist of the possible items you would like to include in it.

Need for a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

No matter how well you have organized the things for your wedding day, it is not necessary that everything falls into place. As they say there are many slips between the cup and the lips! Therefore in order to let everything go smooth you must be well prepared with an emergency kit. Being prepared will put you in less stress in case of any accident and would take less time to set the thing right if you have the necessary things handy with you.

List of Grooming Items in your Wedding Emergency Kit

Your wedding emergency kit must contain a small bottle of lotion or moisturizer to make your skin feel smoother and softer whenever required. A pack of wet wipes would help you in wiping off the smudged makeup or the food from your face. Some dry tissues must also be included to wipe off tears which are quite likely to drop out in at emotional moments during the wedding. Keep a pack of makeup remover pads in your kit. A brush or a comb or a curling iron is a must to be included your wedding emergency checklist to give you a touch up before or during the wedding reception party. Keep a small bottle of perfume handy with you so that you always smell your best throughout the wedding day. As the wedding party continues for several hours, it is advisable to carry a bottle of hair spray with you to give your hair style a setting spray. 

List of Accessories or Miscellaneous items to be included in your Wedding Emergency Kit

Always keep a sanitary napkin handy on your wedding day if you know that your monthly visitor can show up any moment. Keep some strips of Band-Aid with you as it is very likely you get cuts or scrapes from your new bellies. Keep a stain remover pain especially if there are going to be several kids at your wedding. Keep the contact lens case and its solution with you in case you use contact lenses. Safety pins can save your day by making up for missing buttons or strap failures. If possible keep a pair of needle and thread in your wedding emergency kit to cover up for wardrobe disasters. 

List of Eatables to be included in your Wedding Emergency Kit

Keep some mints or chewing gums in your wedding emergency kit which you can use after having your wedding meal. Keeping basic medication for upset tummy and headache is also a good idea to be well prepared in case your health goes for a toss during your wedding party.


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