Wedding Entertainers 

Wedding Entertainers

The guests at your wedding will be men, women and children. You may arrange for their entertainment in different modes and think wedding band and DJ entertainment. Though the DJ and other music is really entertaining, but if your try something different, it will an added fun for all. 

Here are a few wedding entertainers that you may engage. 

Bouncy Castle

This is liked by many people, though seems to be a little dangerous. The young children as well as other people would like to bounce in formal attires. The fun mixed with adventure when you sit over a bouncing castle is not only entertaining to you, but also to the audience and they will be queue up for their turn filled with excitement.  


Hired on other occasions, the caricaturist will be a goop option as wedding entertainer. You may not avoid it, when the wedding is a multi-day affair. The old people will may not dance and get involve in other activities, will find really enjoyable. If you capture the activity of caricaturist in a video/digital camera, you may enjoy on other days too. The copy of various eminent personalities, artists and other creatures of the world by these special artist is really fun filled and liked by all the attendees.  

DJ Santa

In you wish to entertain especially the children and the hidden childhood in aged people too, you may not avoid hiring a DJ Santa for your wedding entertainment. These are ideally suited for a holiday wedding, but in other weddings too people find them highly entertaining. The old people as well as young children will be glued to DJ Santa for long hours. 

Fire Breather

The magician has been an all-time entertainer and he will be perfect in marriage too. The various tricks played or shown by him keep the guest amused and clapping all the times. The tricks of as fire breather or psychic etc. are not only entertaining but bound the audience to hold the breath for a few moments. 

Dessert Food Trucks

You may make your marriage really memorable when you hire a desert food truck on that day. You guests will have a lot of praise for this idea. Only precaution, you need to take and instruct the wedding planner that the desert table does not melt.


Singers are great entertainers at the wedding venue, be it a beach wedding, outdoor wedding or any other place wedding. You may choose to hire a professional singer or arrange a group of your friends who are willing to sing and entertain the public. It will be suitable for other rituals and on the reception day also. The dance may be a fun for the guest and enough entertainment with songs. 

Balloon Animals

The structure of various animals made of balloons is very entertaining for guests of all ages and you may have that on your marriage venue too. The ideal place will be near children food station in reception. 
The list is not exhaustive; you may try something more based on your choice.


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