Wedding Expenses That You Had Not Thought Would Cost So Much 

Wedding Expenses That You Had Not Thought Would Cost So Much

Planning a wedding requires the bride and the groom to empty all their life’s savings. In fact, there are many couples who have had to take out loans for planning a dream wedding for themselves. Whether you are planning your wedding using your own savings or have taken a loan for the wedding, it is important that a budget is made for all the wedding expenses and under no circumstances this budget should be exceeded. 

However, staying within this budget can be a big challenge since there are many hidden costs, which keep coming up when making the final payments, thus increasing the outflow of money and causing a major strain on the finances of the bride and the groom. Some of the hidden expenses which you had not considered while planning your wedding budget are as follows:

Equipment Of The Wedding Band

You may have negotiated with the wedding band and ensured that they charge a fee that is well within your budget, but when they provide you with the final bill for their services, you realize that it is much higher than the fee that had been agreed between the two of you. What happens is that when you discuss the price that the band would charge for the time of the musicians and the basic equiptments, but in the case of weddings, since the venue is generally quite huge in size, therefore these people have to use extra speakers and other amplifier equiptments. For the use of these extra equiptments, these people charge an additional amount which increases the overall cost of hiring a wedding band.

Postage Stamps

When making the budget for the wedding invitations, most of the people take into account only the cost of getting the invitations printed and the basic cost of sending these invites through the mail. However, in case your wedding invitation is not of the standard size, then you might have to pay an extra cost for the postage of the same, and this cost in many cases works out to be quite a big cost, especially when you have a large number of out of station wedding invitations to send.

Alterations For The Wedding Dress

The cost of buying the wedding dress is something which is an important part of every wedding budget, however, when allocating funds for this dress, most of the brides forget to make provision for the cost of alterations and steaming that would be required for the dress. The chances of you finding a wedding dress which is a perfect fit for you and does not require any sort of alteration is impossible. The cost of these alterations, although not very high, in comparison to the cost of the dress, but do end up increasing your funds outflow and thus causing havoc in your wedding budget. Similarly, you cannot expect the bride to wear the wedding dress without getting it steamed before the wedding day, and steaming charges for the wedding dress are quite high in comparison to the normal steaming charges.


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