Wedding Favors - A Proper Guide to Choose the Best 

Wedding Favors - A Proper Guide to Choose the Best

Favors are a great way to show your guests you appreciate their support and give them something to remember the day by, but all too often these tokens get left behind or tossed the morning after. To guarantee your gifts get noticed, follow our top tips on picking out the perfect favors.

Practical approach-

One of the best ways to select monogrammed Christmas or koozies or any kind of favor is to analyze its practical utility. You don’t want that to go in trash. Think a moment. Is it worthwhile to have this? Is it what you really want?  So instead of something that collects dust or gets worse yet, consider something more practical or edible rather. The perfect epitomes of this kind includes- cake pops, mini pies and macarons. Even the locally roasted coffee, luggage tags, or acrylic frames for the photo booth pictures can be the best options. Edible favors are the best and fail proof that is utilized even while commuting back from the reception to the home.

Don’t personalize to avoid making them cringe worthy-

As far as possible, try not to put your initials like as wedding dates on the favors. I think personalization turns the utility item into the awkward item. Like as the coaster which features your engagement photo would inarguably be looking fine but it may turn totally cringe worthy. Similarly, in case of packing, it seems nice to have your personal touch on the bags, boxes, ribbons or labels as it makes for the best presentations, but actually it would not please the wedding guests much, they put off literally.

Have something meaningful-

Wedding favors are not only about the gifts to please the wedding guests, but these are actually the messages to convey your guests too, the kind of relationship you have with them, the feelings you wanna share among them. Like as the friends, who love to have the wine together, would find branded wines as the wedding return gift as the best one. The mini wine bottles with personalized labels will go over big.

For the spring season wedding, it’s indeed a good idea to send the guests back with potted plants or flowers and growing instructions. While in case of the winter affair or the wedding, the warm blankets or hot cocoa kits are perfect way.

Order less initially-

This rule is applicable especially when the favors are liked online and you are planning to have a bulk order. It’s never recommended otherwise to have a bulk order online. Try one sample initially before you hit “buy now”. Like as,   the handcrafted soaps can be checked for their right scent. The personalizing tags or packaging to wrap homemade gifts can be asked for the proper spelling. There is actually a requirement of minimum one month to allow yourself to have the sufficient time to assemble.

Finally make extra order-

The final order must have a solid back up ready like as about 10 extra favors for every hundred guests. There happens to be the possibility of favors, either getting lost or sometime the fragile items are broken during the transportation. Many times, guests take extra favors, and you may want to hold on to a few favors as keepsakes.

Wrap it up-

The appropriate packing for these small tokens of appreciation can go a long way for these personalized packs. Proper packing of the favors, give an idea of what’s there inside. Like as the colorful boxes to clear cellophane bags, tiny tin pails and slim silver canisters should be packaged properly. The edible items even require more of the extra care. . Paper bags or boxes can quickly absorb the grease of cookies or custom popcorn (leaving you with an unsightly favor box). Line the container with wax paper before adding any edible goodies to keep grease from leaking through and ruining your pretty packaging.

Ultimately plan the display elegantly-

The favors should be given any time from the start of the wedding to the end of the night. There display does matter a lot. The lollipops and other gifts must be tagged by each guest’s name and table number too.  The smaller gifts or favors when wrapped prettily add to the table décor can be arranged at the guest guest’s place.

If your favors are attractive and big enough, you may decide to designate a special table in the reception hall or near the exit for guests to grab on their way out. Let guests know the favors are theirs for the taking by attaching tags to each one, or by placing a legible framed sign nearby that reads, "Please take one," "Be our guest" or simply "Thank you."


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