Wedding Flower Colors to Further Add On the Realistic Beauty 

Wedding Flower Colors to Further Add On the Realistic Beauty

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand. In fact, the first thought that comes to mind when one talks about weddings, is that of fresh flowers. Besides the fact that these wedding flowers represent love and passion, these flowers also help to make a wedding appear vibrant and colorful. Some of the most popular flower colors, which people generally use for making flower arrangements for weddings, are as follows:

Green Flowers

The most common green flowers used at weddings include green orchids, green foliage, cacti, tropical flowers and succulents. Some people even use green fruits for the decoration of the wedding venue in green color. In most of the cases, the backdrop is made out of these green flowers and plants and then brightly colored flowers are placed along with them in order to give a contrasting and bright look to the entire decoration. These green flowers are also a popular choice when it comes to bridal bouquets as well. 

Red Flowers

Red is the most popular and sought after color at all weddings. This color represents love, passion and sensuality. Therefore, red roses and other red flowers are always in demand for the decoration at weddings and even for the bouquets that both the bride as well as the bridesmaids holds during the wedding ceremonies. 

White Flowers

The color white represents purity and innocence and therefore, just like the color red, this color white, also happens to be a perfect color for weddings. Another big reason, which makes the flowers of white color a preferred choice, is that no matter what the color scheme and theme of your other wedding decorations is, these white flowers will be able to easily mix with all the other colors and provide a sort of balance and class to the entire decoration. In fact, in most of the cases, the wedding bouquet carried by the bride is made with white flowers only, since it matches the wedding dress of the bride easily. 

Pink Flowers

Pink is a very gorgeous and delicate color. It represents feminity and therefore, if you wish to add a little gentleness and feminity to your decorations, you can use here different shades of pink roses. 

Purple Flowers

When used alone, purple flowers can sometimes end up looking slightly dull, but when mixed with other brightly colored flowers, these purple flowers are able to stand out beautifully. Therefore, add a spark to your wedding decorations by adding a dash of purple flowers to the flower arrangements made of lime green, white, yellow and other bright colors. 

Orange Flowers

Orange flowers are the seasonal flowers and look good in a summer wedding where the sun is bright and makes the orange in the flowers glow even better. Thus, if you are planning on a summer or autumn wedding, you must make use of these orange flowers for decoration purposes. 

Yellow Flowers

These bright and sunny flowers are surely going to bring a smile to the face of every wedding guest and therefore, if you want to give your decoration a more somber look, you must opt for flowers in paler shades of yellow. 


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