Wedding Flower Scents Enhance The Goodness Of Occasion & Beauty Of Bride And Groom 

Wedding Flower Scents Enhance The Goodness Of Occasion & Beauty Of Bride And Groom

Wedding is marked by an optimizing fervour and a celebration appeal. Icons of good feasting, music, dance and glam rule high in every wedding party. These are the dimensions that signify the uniqueness of the occasion and cultures throughout the world have pooled the best of genre concepts to ensure this. Flowers are one such concept that has remained in demand for the wedding decoration in different forms. We still love to decorate the wedding house with flowers and the wedding night accommodation for the couple is offered a charming touch through the fragrant flowers like jasmine and rose. 

Some cultures have unique traditions relating to the flowers like the Indian Hindu ‘jaymal’ ritual and the sehra adored by the Indian groom. With so much of significance attached to the flowers and their use in wedding, the wedding flower scents have emerged as specialty concepts in them and there many takers! Let’s see what are these novel and traditional concepts and their allied significance.

The significance of flower scents – 

Flowers could be called as the unique gifts of nature to the humans. The goodness flows from the beautiful splash of colours, the deep aromas and of course the spiritual value carried by the flowers; no wonder flowers are held as the ornaments of gods and deities. Researches have established authentic positive effects of the flower aromas on the mind, body and soul of the person. This is also the reason behind the use of flowers in auspicious occasions including the marriages. The modern use of wedding flower scents is derived from the same dimension and the market is offering some of the finest choices that could be used for enriching the different occasions in wedding. Some of these notable concepts in different cultures include – 

The wedding night accommodation for the couple

It has been a tradition in most of cultures of the world that the wedding night accommodation of the newlywed couple is filled with the best of floral aromas that could enhance their genre experiences and indulgences. These aromas add the much demanded sensualities to their privacy and allow them to live the best. The Asian cultures also have the tradition of decorating the bed of the couple with aromatic flowers like red roses and jasmine. Now we find the natural rose and jasmine scents as the wedding specialties and these are finding good demand throughout the world. 

The wedding car 

Wedding car is special as in this the groom drives away his bride to home. It needs to be decorated and scents play good role towards this demand. Wedding car scents are offered that are made as the finest blends of the natural oils derived from flowers. 

The personal scent for bride and groom 

The Muslim cultures of Asia have noted custom of using the pure flower scents called as ‘itr’. These are derived after finer distillation processes and are thus the purest forms of flower scents. These contain zero percent alcohol content! Spiritual enhancement and piousness characteristics are derived from the use of ‘itr’. 

The bath scents for the bride and groom 

Since ages, there has been a custom that bride and groom take bath with water scented with flower petals like roses and jasmines and lilies among others. Now we have the modern bath scents that could be added directly to the water to be used for bathing by the bride and groom.


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