Wedding Flower Scents - For Enchanting the Aroma 

Wedding Flower Scents - For Enchanting the Aroma

Flowers are associated with their beauty and their aroma. When used in weddings, people don’t just pick flowers on the basis of the beauty of the flowers, but the flower scents also matter a lot. While decorating a wedding venue, or preparing a bouquet for the bride and bridesmaids, in most of the cases fresh flowers are used. Therefore, it becomes necessary that only those flowers, which are able to make the wedding venue look and smell good, are used in weddings.

There are numerous options present with respect to wedding flowers, but some of the most popular choices with respect to the smell of these flowers are as follows:


Lilies have a very strong yet pleasant smell and therefore, in most of the wedding you will find garlands of these lilies made and hung over the place where the wedding ceremony would take place. The smell of these lilies stays with you for a very long time and even after years when the bride and the groom would think about their wedding ceremony, they would always remember the smell of the lilies as well. Thus, if you wish to create a lasting memory about the wedding with the help of flowers, then you must use lilies for decorating the altar where the bride and the groom will say their vows. 

Mixing The Scents

The bouquets which the bride and the bridesmaids carry can be made using a single flower, and thus having a single aroma, or they can be made by mixing a variety of flowers with varied smells. When preparing these bouquets of mixed flowers, most of the florists only concentrate on the color of the flowers and try to make sure that the final combination of flower colors matched the wedding dress and theme of the wedding. Many of them do not concentrate on the smell of the bouquet and as a result, the mix of varied aromas presents a smell that can be quite pungent. To avoid this, it is important that the florist not only mixes the flowers based on their colors, but also try to put together only those flowers whose smells complement each other. 


The lilac has a very soft and gentle smell and using this flower at the entrance of the wedding venue helps in giving the wedding guests a very warm and pleasant greeting. Therefore, you would mostly find this flower standing right at the entrance gate, welcoming you to the wedding. 


Perfumes, with a gardenia smell, can be easily associated with your grandmothers. Therefore, this smell of the flower makes it a vintage and traditional flower. As a result, you would find traditional wedding items like corsages made with gardenia flowers. 


This flower has a highly intoxicating smell and therefore, it has to be used in something extremely special like the crown made for the bride. Also the tendrils of this flower help in giving it the perfect shape of the crown. 

Memories are greatly affected by the smells and therefore, make sure your wedding ceremony smells good in order to have good memories of the same. 


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